The Cheese

Bus rides! I almost forgot. For the people who had working parents, or who just wanted to stay away from school that much longer, that's what you did. You rode the bus. So many memories on the bus. Some buses are conservative, others are crazy party buses. The ones that find the happy medium are the most fun. I rode my friend's bus once, and it was so much more fun than mine. Sure, it was practically a strip club in the back, sure I five-starred a guy for touching my iPod (don't ever touch my Ipod. Ever). But I had a laugh, and I never usually laugh on my regular bus. The bus stop itself can also be real fun. At my bus stop one year, there was a showoff and he decided to show how he could do a backflip off a low wall. Once he landed the flip, he kept going into a backwards somersault. His boxers were superhero boxers. Would you get that from riding in a car every day? No siree. I bet you have memories like that. The ones that make you giggle. Ponder those. Never give them up.

The End

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