As a parent (if you are one) do you hear your child complain about homework? Yes? No? Either way, your kid will eventually have some. Whether it be coloring or Algebra 2, they will need your help. Sure, they learned it in school. But were they really paying attention? You're the parent. You know your kid better than me. Answer the question. I can't. I'm just the author. As a kid who had to practically live with her math book in sixth grade, I know the feeling of loathing the words, "And tonight's homework is . . . " and trying to finish the assignment before the bell. My heart always sunk when I couldn't. When I when home, I was the kid who finished her homework before she snacked, and got a trillion calls from people asking how to do the algebra, and that got one call from a friend asking how to use a can opener and not being able to finish the call from laughing so hard at how dirty the instructions sounded.  Do you remember homework? How you never wanted to write out why 4x^2=x^2*4? How you always used long words to make your simple sentences longer and your essay look longer? You know you did. Homework sucks, and we all know it. We also know that the real reason teachers give it is so that they meet their required grades for the quarter. We all just have to suck it up and do it. Or it will never get done and you will have more.

The End

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