Oh. What's that? Do we have problems with our school community's health? How am I supposed to answer that? No one is perfect. We are all required to go to gym at least two times in our middle school career. I just wish the coaches made us do it right. If you do the exercises in gym right, you will tone up. I know, because I do them right. Am I fat? Well, I can tell you no, because random people in the mall comment on how beautiful my figure is. There are people in my school who I am concerned for because of how jokingly they take their life. "Yeah, I'll just eat this Twinky. Running up the stairs will burn it off." Yeah, right. I wish. "Oh, this candy bar won't hurt. I'll just eat a little." Sure. If only life worked that way. That's how people take their health. It just bugs me. If everyone took their health like it mattered, maybe we wouldn't hear "fat" used as much as it is.

The End

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