Straight, Gay, Or Taken?

Another major political thing in school is sexual orientation and relationships. There are those who are known as the players and sluts of the school. There are others who have never had a significant other. I am one of those girls that has gone through multi-digits of guys and hasn't found the one that shows that they aren't all the same. Sure, I'm only in middle school. So what? When you were younger, didn't you want to find "the one" before someone else stole them? Anyways, the sexual orientation thing is a huge problem at my school. Why? F** if I knew, I'd let people know. I guess it's the religious boundaries. I don't have a problem with someone being bisexual, heterosexual, or homosexual or whatever. I think it's cool, actually. It means you can love everyone. And I want to try and understand how one person sees another.

Crushes and relationships are a huge pain in the butt. If you are like me, and are mature for your age, you like older people. In middle school, you usually get played if you go out with other people. They will cheat, lie, and sneak their way through a relationship. It has happened to me and a few other people I know. Crushes are always hard because the P.O.I (in my case) either: a) knows my name but doesn't know me, b) knows me but wouldn't go out with me because I'm younger, my religion, or some other reason, or c) hasn't seen my face. Being shy doesn't help either. I always flub when I talk to the guy I like. I always make some stupid comment or trip over my own shoes, walk into a wall, or get lost. It has happened, dear reader. Maybe not to you, but to me? For sure.

The End

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