Where Do You Stand?

Social classes are what many people cling to in middle school. In a general overview, there are jocks, cheerleaders, scenes, band-ies, chorus kids, the smart kids, the social outcasts, the preps, the "SPED"s (Special Ed kids), the pretty girls, and the attractive guys. There is a certain rank to these classes, and I have come to gather that the order is: Jocks & Cheerleaders, Pretty & Attractive people, Preps, Chorus kids, Smart kids, Social outcasts, "SPED"s, and last, Scenes. None of the ranking makes sense to me, but that's how the cookie crumbles, my dear reader, and I cannot do much about it.

I have "friends" in al of the social classes and I find it humorous to hear them talk smack about the other classes. Half the time, the stuff isn't true, and if you're going to talk smack, get the facts straight. As a devious little person, I always tell about these little insults to the insulted, just to see what will happen. Now, what really gets me in a fit about this social class thing is that you have to belong to at least one or you are considered a nobody. I don't know which group I belong to, but it seems I know no one, everyone knows me, but no one cares that they know me. So . . . whatever that means to you.

I could go on and on about this stupid little drama game, but I'm sure you're tired of reading about that crap.

The End

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