Friends and Alibis

The people that always got you through were your friends. So if you had real friends, you were set. At the beginning of the year I had about seven. That number dwindles every day but it also grows every once in a while. The main thing that breaks up friendships are politics between cliques or even secrets. I know one main political flaw that broke up an old friend of mine and I was our social standing. She was always the pretty prep, whereas I was always the tomboy who hung out with skaters and punks. When we got into sixth grade, she was a smidge standoffish, but when she got to seventh grade, she just dropped our friendship once and for all.

The secrets are ridiculous. When someone tells you a secret, you are expected to keep your mouth shut and not tell anyone. That is a simple task. But when a secret can get you into a clique, things are apparently different. It's amazing what people will spill when they want to be a part of some completely pointless group. There were rumors going around this year that two girls in my grade were pregnant. It's three months later and they are no larger, but people still believe it. It's completely and utterly stupid what people will say.

The End

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