Day One

Everyone looked lost on the first day. Everyone was running around trying to find their friends. Like it would matter now. The bells would ring, but the teachers would hold us in the class until they deemed us late enough for our next period.

"HEY! OH MY GOSH! I KNOW YOU!" that's all you would hear for the first few days. People usually came up to me in connections to say, "Hey! Do I know you?" And, of course, I never knew them, so my answer was always, "No. I must look like someone else." They always went on to say, "Oh. Too bad. Can we sit here? We can talk and get to know each other." But they never did talk to me. They always sat in front of me and chattered amongst themselves. Even from day one, I was an outsider.

That is how school was for the first week or so, then classes really began. "Alright class, look here now." That was my social studies teacher. "I want to tell you guys that there is a big project that we will be working on. It is the Social Science Fair. I will give everyone handouts. Show it to your parents."

Of course, earlier that day, my math teacher announced we had a math project due soon. "Alright! So there is this project due soon. It is based on probability, so make it interesting. It will be like we are having a mini carnival in here!" Ah, having multiple projects at once. The life.

The End

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