The Pier

A short romance like story. No summary needed.

The wind passed through his hair like gentle fingers, and it cooled his shaking body as he made his way to the end of the pier. With every step he took his mind told him to take two steps back, and the creaking of the wood under his feet rang in his ears.  Eventually walking and navigating to the end of the pier, he wiped the somehow freezing sweat from his brow, and gazing out to the horizon he counted in his head all of the most memorable memories of his life, for he knew that they might not come again. The laughing gulls glided above his head, calling out to one another in loud and obnoxious voices. But to him, the voices of the gulls were solemn “goodbyes”, because he knew they would be the last, and only beings to say so to him. She was gone; nothing could bring her back into his life, or convince him to move on from the blown out flame thatwastheir love. He imagined a perfect life, with the two of them hand in hand, and he thought of children, beautiful children, with dark brown hair as hers, and hazel eyes as his. At least, as they once were; because ever since her leaving, his eyes were stained red and agitated with constant tears. The pain was almost unbearable for his very heart to handle and it already made its way into his mind and soul, which influenced him to walk to the pier. His intentions were not meant to ease his pain, but to ease his mind of the many heavy regrets the world placed on his shoulders.

He glanced around the pier, to check for any unwanted observers, and placed his shaking hands onto the rail overlooking the ocean. Seeing the far down rocks and sand bars at the bottom, he released his grip and stumbled backward. He decided to strip his clothes, leaving his undergarments, as a way to stall himself before going back to the edge.  If love was strong enough to push him here, then why was it not strong enough to keep them together? He thought this to himself as he pulled his legs over the edge of the railing, trying not to make eye contact with the ocean below. His head began to spin with many images of her, and some with them both together as happy as they once were. A smile crept over his frowning face, and his eyes began to swell with tears, and he began to think of how thankful he would be to find someone else like her, and complete his empty and sad life. Then thoughts of happiness in general started flowing through his mind accompanied by those of love, and reconsideration, and images of her faded out. After his mind cleared, he found one of his legs lifting over the side of the rail to safety, and then the other, and a realization of hope and a change of mind set in. Then came a loud shout as a man began running to the end of the pier to him, but the yell was startling, and he lost all balance on the metal rail, and the feeling of gravity dragging him off to his death shot through him. All of life slowed down around him as he slipped backward toward the sea, and all thoughts of happiness left him completely. His gaze spun around slowly as his body twisted in midair, shifting his view from the slowly receding gulls above, to the ever closer sea and rocks below. His only regret at that moment was that he let his emotions carry him to the edge of a pier. The spray of the ocean hit his face as slowly as everything else was moving around him, and he was forced to shut his eyes as a blindingly bright light engulfed his view of impending doom. Still with his eyes closed tight, he could feel the ocean breeze sweep over his body for a second time, and no longer felt the fright of death, or the spray of water. Opening his eyes, he glanced around at his surroundings, and noticed something was strange. He was standing on the boardwalk, looking out at the long pier ahead. A smile crept upon his face once more, as he turned around and walked away, ready and willing to embrace the life he was given.

The End

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