The Piano Player's Best Man

"Idiot. Moron. Dipstick. Hellloooo?"

Leon opened his eyes, to see Cyrus slapping his cheeks with strong hands. He had become Leon's best friend, as well as Mira's.

"Cy, Mira-"

"I know. I came to find you. We're on our way to the hospital now. See, Amy's driving." he gestured to the woman sitting in the front seat. Next to her was Abby, clutching the door.

"No wonder I feel sick. That woman has road-rage." As if to prove this face, Amy screeched as someone beeped at her.

"Out of way!! MOVE IT!!" She hollered out of the window. They stopped out side of the hospital, when Leon and the others stumbled out of the car, and into the hospital. Leon's hand was immediantely grabbed by Ilana, the nurse who had looked after Mira while she was in her coma.

She pushed and pulled him up to the maternity ward. Mira lay there, and glanced over when he came in. He gripped her hand, kissing her face softly.

"God damn it, woman! I didn't think you were due till next month!" He laughed softly.

"Neither did I."

"Jeez, Mira, I..." He huffed, kneeling by her side. He pulled a box out of his pocket, blushing. "Right, I'm gonna mess this up, and I know it, so I'm gonna go hide after this, alright?" He asked, looking at her seriously.

She frowned softly. "Alright." He pushed the box towards her, and walked off quickly. She knew, smiling happily. She opened the box, to have a piece of paper fall out. She opened it, glancing at the small, green velvet box behind it.

* * *

As Cyrus patted his back softly, Leon gripped the man's hand, and smiled at him.

"Cy, you've looked out for us. You've been better than a brother to us both, and...mate, will you be my best man?"

Cyrus grinned. "Stupid question."


The End

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