The Piano Player's Nerves

The months went by slowly. While Leon put together the baby's room and nursery, and juggled his new job as a DT teacher at a primary school, he was happily going around, chattering to Mira, taking her out, or even bringing her presents, including books, pens, pencils, chocolates, icecream, and other variations of food clothing or otherwise, he couldn't help but feel giddy.

When he returned home one day, he found the door locked. It was when he found a note on the bed, did he have to sit down.

Leon. mira had back pains today during visit, taken her up to hospital just in case (In car, don't worry. You really thin I'd take a heavily pregnant woman on a Harley?!) 13.24

He went pale. It was half  now. She could have been in labour already. She could be in pain. She cold need him. She could...she could...


His nerves getting the better of him, Leon promptly fainted.

The End

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