The Piano Player's Happiness

The paper was lined, and the writing, in Mira's hand, was slanted and beautiful, in purple ink, written by a fountain pen.

She wondered, as she continued to write, whether he would be happy, when she told him, three days from now. She would graduate, and she would announce her news to him. Would he be angry?  Shocked? In awe? She hoped that tears would spring from his eyes in joy, when she let him place his hand upon her stomach, and whisper to him, that she was expecting a baby girl. She wanted to see her love's reaction when she told him. His reaction, her prince, with dark hair and eyes, who could have just walked out of a fairytaile, when she told him that he was going to be a father.

He covered his mouth, trying not to cry, as he turned the paper over. On the back, was a pencil drawing, in anime style. It was a woman, sat up in bed, with tired but joyful eyes, next to an excited man, standing by her bedside, both looking down on a cooing baby. The only colour on the drawing was the baby's eyes. They were a blue-green colour, with brown fading and darting in, streaking out from the centre, waving and curling out.

Leon rubbed his eyes, stopping happy tears falling from this surprise.

"Oh my...I'm...I'm gonna be a dad..." He wept, hugging Ben tightly, as well as Mira's parents. Mira, who had awoke, smiled softly from her bed, before letting her eyes slip closed again, her hand on her stomach.

The End

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