The Piano Player's Patience

He sat outside her room, waiting. The doctor came out.

"Miss Thorn appears to have pneumonia. I'd like to keep her in for a few more tests, but after that, she'll be fine, with the help of antibiotics." He smiled. Leon shook his hand.

"Thank you, doctor. May I...?" He asked, gesturing. The doctor nodded. He entered the room. She was asleep, soundly, most likely from drugs.

"Mira..." He took her hand, kissing it softly. He stood, hugging her. "Heh. It's been years since we were like this. You, alseep in a hospital bed, me, babbling on." He sat, and waited. He stayed awake for hours, watching her sleep, making sure there was no change.

It was when he was just drifting to sleep, that Ben, and Mira's parents, entered the room. Ben hugged Leon tightly. He seemed a little giddy. He was mumbling and muttering away into Leon's shirt excitedly and sadly. Leon pulled Ben back. The boy was about sixteen now, and he still acted like a child sometimes.

"Ben, calm down! What is it?!" He exclaimed. Ben took a deep breath, before offering out the white book; the one Leon had got Mira, all those years ago. The one she had never written in. They were waiting for the right story to write together.  

He took the book, and opened it. A folded page of A4 paper fell out. He picked it up, and opened it.

The End

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