The Piano Player's Sorrow

The years went on, and the two passed with flying colours. They went into University together, happy as could be. It was on their graduation day they finally came back to the true world; that life was hard.

"I'd just like to say, without my family, and my best friend and boyfriend Leon, and their support, I probably wouldn't be here. I would have still been in bed." She laughed. Leon smiled. "And I'd like..." She paused, beginning to cough. She clutched her throat, falling to her knees. The crowds gasped, as blood splattered from her mouth. She collapsed, breathing heavily. There were shrieks and shouts, people crowing round the girl.

"Mira..." Leon whispered. He scowled, trying to rid her mouth of blood, trying to help her to breathe properly. It wasn't long after an ambulence came. Mira was placed in, with Leon at her side. They sped off. Leon gripped her hand, tears dripping from his cheeks.

"Leon...I...I have to tell you something..." She whispered, past the oxygen mask.

"What is it, baby girl, what?"

"I...I'm..." It was then she passed out.

"No. Mira, NO!"

The End

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