The Piano Player's Girlfriend

On the first day back to school, everyone stared. It was her. She had woken up.

She walked into her form, which was in the room next to Leon's, and smiled, waiting for her best friend Cyrus to notice. Apparently Leon had met him a couple of times, when visiting her at the hospital. She folded her arms, seeing the boy she used to go out with, also the boy she hated, in her seat.

"How long's that git been keeping my seat warm?" She asked, eyebrows raised. Everyone turned to look. Cyrus shoved passed Chris, the boy, and pulled Mira into a tight hug. She laughed, hugging the tall boy.

"Yeah, yeah, enough with the hugging now, I need to sit down. After being asleep for just about three years, my legs aint as good as they used to be." She said, patting a thigh. Going up to her seat, she smiled at the shocked Chris, then up at her form tutor, a tall, stick thin man, with black hair, and scary dark brown eyes.

"Sir...?" She asked sweetly, with begging eyes. He raised his hands, remembering what she was like.

"I ain't looking, Mira. I welcome you back in a mo, after the register." He turned, to look at the computer, but still watching out of the corner of his eye.

The chair was thrown over, the boy falling out of it sideways. Mira stamped her foot, lunging at him, making him jump a little further back. She gave him a wink, before putting the chair right again, and sitting down. She was crowded around by her friend, along with a few who didn't usually talk to her. All of those in her form had been worried about her. They had tried to make a whole form tip to the hospital to see her, but the school and hospital hadn't allowed it.

* * *

The weeks went by, and everything calmed down. Everyone started their GCSE courses, and Mira even took up dance lessons; ballet. Along with this, Leon taught her to knit.

On his birthday, and gave him a scarf, along with a blanket, a green one, to match his room. The first time she went into his room was on her own bedroom, was her own birthday, a month after his own. His was on the 14 of December, while hers was in Janurary. He hadsaved his gifts from America for her. he helper her put the necklace on, and he helped tie her yukata over a black vest top and shorts. Sliding the silver ring onto her right hand, she smiled at it softly.

"I've been meaning to ask. Before you went to America that time, before I woke up...why did you kiss me?" She asked. He looked at her, down again, then up.

"I don't know. I was going to miss you, and I guess...I don't know." He sighed. "I'm sorry."

"It's fine."

"But I'm sorry."

"Stop saying sorry!"

"Alright, I'm sorry! Damn. Sorry."

"Gahh!" At this point she gave up, took a hold of his shirt he'd been wearing, since they were having her small party at their house, and pulled him into a kiss, with her trying to be as gentle as possible. She held him there, before letting her hands drop finding that he had wrapped his around her, one around her waist, and one on her neck. She cupped his face with both hands.

Slowly, they parted. Both smiled.

"Come on. We better get back to the party." He breathed. Holding hands, they hurried back downstairs.

The End

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