The Piano Player's Shock

He ran, all the way to the hospital, her presents in his bag. He ran, all the way through, past the desk, past wards, and to the elevator, pushing the button frantically. It opened, and with a hop, he jumped in, pressing the button once again, just as frantically.

The doors reopened, and he ran, bursting through the doors.

"Mira! I'm...! Back...?" He stopped. Her bed was empty and made. The book, the keyboard...everything was gone.

"No. It...she couldn't have." He shook himself. Lightly, he touched the bed. He rubbed the smooth white covers. No. Definately not a dream. His nightmare. His living nightmare.

"Leon? Child?" Leon turned, seeing the nurse by the door. Her coat was on, and she was out of her uniform.

"Nurse, please, where is she?" He asked her desperately. She took his hand, and patted it softly.

"Leon. I think it best if you come with me."

The End

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