The Piano Player's Father

As he slept on the way back, Leon dreamed of the conversation he and his father had had on the way there.

* * *

"Son, I think it's time we talked. About this girl."

"What girl, Dad?"

"The girl you keep going to see. The one in the hospital. You need to face the fact that you don't know this girl, she doesn't know you, and there is a possibliity that she could die."

"I know, Dad. I don't mind. I...I just don't want her to be alone. Somehow...she's my friend. She's the girl I play piano for, the one I sing and talk to, even if she can't hear me."

"I know, but Leon, this girl-"

"Her name is Mira Thorn. She's now fourteen years old, she likes music, reading, writing, making people laugh. She was the oddball at school, and before I came she would have been in most of my classes. Officially, we haven't met, but I don't care. She is my best friend. Is that good enough for you?"

"I'm just-"

"-Looking out for me, I know. It's fine, Dad."

* * *

As they touched down, the bump awoke Leon. he gave a stretch and a sigh, and then smiled. He would go and see Mira tomorrow.

The End

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