The Piano Player's Holiday

Leon fell asleep on the plane. A deep sleep, with nothing but darkness. When he awoke, he wondered if that was what Mira saw.

"Son, I think it's time we talked. About this girl."

* * *


The piano? Leon's piano? The nurse frowned. Had something fallen on it? Perhaps he had left it on. He'd left for America a week ago. He was due to visit in a few hours, if he hadn't have left. Had her little brother come to visit her? No, they had come yesterday. Perhaps it-

Dunnn, dunnn dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndundundunDUNNNN.

The nurse pulled back the curtain and was shocked. The girl. She was sat in Leon's chair, pressing a key on the keyboard. She looked up, her cobalt eyes slowly coming up from the keys, to look at the nurse.

"Long?" She mumbled. "How...long?" The nurse could see she was still waking up.

"Three years, sweetie."

"Oh." She said, looking down again. She opened the book on the stand of the keyboard, and began to play simply melodies. She shifted the knitted blanket, that reminded her of the night sky, so that she could move. She stopped, and began to play single notes.

Dunn. "Laaa."  Dunn. "Laaa." This went on, her pressing notes, then producing them with her voice. She practiced speaking to herself, before she began to play the piano slowly, and singing along. The nurse watched her eagerly. She gave her drink and food, smiled and talked with the girl.

"Your parents and brother have been told. They'll be here shortly to see you."

"...L-L...Leo...Le-on. Leon. Who is Leon?" She asked, her delicate brow furrowed. The nurse looked at her in surprise.

"He's a boy. He's been visiting you for almost all of your time here, each week. He had to go with his family to America this week, but he'll be back soon. He'll be so happy you're awake."

"Yes...he...played this. He...touched my face." She smiled. She traced over where he had stroked her cheek.

"This is...impossible. You could feel it? Hear him?"

"I think so. He looks like a person I made up. Koro."

"He thought that too! He read that part you wrote! He gave you this. He said you'd know." She gestured to the white book. Her eyes shone.

"Yes, yes! Koro's book..." She smiled, holding the book close as the nurse gave it to her. She curled up in the chair, holding it close. After a while, she placed it down. Carefully, holding onto the chair, or the keyboard, or the bed, she began to walk.

Her parents arrived, and she laughed, hugging and kissing them happily. the nurse watched, and cursed herself for not getting Leon's number.

* * *

Leon laughed, smiling at the large teddy bear that he could hardly fit his arms around. His sister laughed too. They were in a giant shopping mall, and everything made their eyes shine with excitement. The had each been given $200 to spend, and were making it count.

Rio bought some designer tops and jeans, along with some CDs and DvDs that weren't yet out in England. She was now waiting by the eit of a shop, waiting for her brother, who had just finished buying a bright red hoodie for himself.

Entering another shop, Leon bought a few books, called manga. They were backwards, and full of pictures, as well as writing. He bought these, along with a black yukata, decorated with pink sakura blossoms, along with obis, to hold it on. He bought these for Mira, along with a few books for himself, remembering that her parents had mentioned she like Japanese things.

On the last day of the trip, he entered a shop close to the airport, after being seperated from his sister and father. He looked around, and stopped. A necklace, with the American flag on it, and almost right next to it, a silver ring. Just a silver band, nothing more. He enquired on the price, before buying them. He smiled, as Rio spotted him, pulling him away to the airport.

The End

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