The Piano Player's Lips

"Oh Mira..." Leon sighed. "I have to go away tonight. I won't be able to visit you next week. I promise I'll bring you a souvenier. It'll be from America." He stroked her cheek. He was sitting on the bed, lounging on it. Not that the nurse minded.

"I've got to go now. I'll...I'll miss you."

* * *

"I'll miss you too."

* * *

"Goodbye. I...Sorry." He gave a breatheless smile, before he leaned down, and kissed her cool lips. He scrunched his eyes, his hand resting softly on her cheek, his lips against hers. He pulled back, and sighed. he moved, to kiss her nose, then her forehead, before standing. He reached for his bag.

"Leon out, I guess."

* * *

"Don't go...I don't want you to...Please stay...Leon." She wanted to run, catch him but she couldn't see! She couldn't see his soft eyes, his hair, that had tickled her cheeks as what felt like lips had been pressed on her own.

She touched her lips, and smiled.

"It's alright. you don't have to apologize." She looked back to the sky. "Bye bye, Leon."

The End

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