The Piano Player's Voice

She had been hearing it for days, weeks, months, years, perhaps. She didn't know how long that voice had rung aroun her island. all she knew was that it would read to her, and sing, and speak. The person who had appeared in the sky...had that been the source of the voice? Was he an angel, or a god? She didn't mind. All she knew was when that voice came, she could sleep upon that almost pillow-like beach with ease.

* * *

Leon sat outside the headmaster's office impatiently. It was Friday, and he wanted to hurry and see her; Mira, before he would explode. He had done something today he thought he never could.

He'd lost his cool.

He'd hit someone from talking badly of Mira. Of how weird she used to be, of how nice and quiet it had been for the last three years, and of how they wished she'd never wake up.

The person in question just stepped out of the headmaster's office, along with the tall, skeletally thin headmistress herself. She pointed first at the boy who had just emerged.

"You. See me Monday after school. Go." The boy scuttled off, smirking. the headmistress looked at Leon softly.

"You defended someone you've never even met. That's sweet, but still, there is o violence in this school. I will see you both Monday and Tuesday lunchtime. Now, off you go."

* * *

"I just...lost it. Hearing them talk like that about you...Ugh. it makes me ill." He said, grimacing in disgust. He gazed upon the girl, before giving a sigh and a smile.

"I've got to stay in Monday and Tuesday lunch, and I got a letter home...I guess it was worth it."

The End

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