The Piano Player's Eyes

In Autumn, his eyes changed from green to a sea-like blue. They were like rivers, flowing away, with rusted leaves floating atop them. They were bright and wild, but he still preferred his green eyes.

He wondered what colour her eyes were. Mira Thorn's eyes. His curiousity got the better of him, so finally, just before he was about to leave, his prised her eyes open, to behold and dark, cobalt colour, as if her eyes were made from star sapphires. His smiled, lettig her eyes drift closed again, before bidding her farewell, and leaving.

* * *

suddenly, there was a light from above, bright and blinding. Once her eyes had become acustomed to it, Mira was surprised to see a face in the sky. Glasses chestnut coloured hair, eyes the colour of the sea, with scratches of brown through them. then it disappeared again, the light fading. She tilted her head in confusion.



The End

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