The Piano Player's Meeting

It was Winter once again; Boxing day.

Leon was sat reading A Christmas Carol to Mira, when three people arrived. A woman, of medium stature, with dyed back hair, and brown eyes, a tall, broad shouldered man with green eyes and blond hair, and a little boy who would be the spitting image of a male Mira when he grew up.

"Excuse me, young man, but why are you sitting with our daughter?" Asked the man. Leon whipped round. He stood, sticking his hand out.

"My name is Leon DeAnio. I have been visiting your daughter here for almost two years now. I come to keep her company as she sleeps. "

"Why have we never seen you? Are you a friend of hers, perhaps?" Her mother asked, shaking his hand.

"I come once a week, every Friday. I moved to her school, just under two years ago, and she used to sit in the space next to me. I found a book, and with the help of a teacher, told who's it was, and where she was. I read them, and decided to visit her. I don't believe she knows I exist." He explained.  They looked at him thoughtfully. "I come to play piano, read to her, sing to her, even tell her aboutschool and myself. She has, somehow, become the dearest friend I have." he told them truthfully.

"You look like Koro." the boy, presumingly her little brother, said. He pulled out a sketch book from his bag, and went through a few pages, before coming to a boy, described in a scene exactly written by Mira.

"I guess I do. Anyway, I ask you, please, may I continue to visit your daughter?"

"I believe so. I'm sure when she wakes, she would love to meet you." Her father smiled. So, sitting and standing together, Leon and her little brother Ben played around on the keyboard, they all sung and talked, and were happy, knowing that Mir had a guardian angel, watching over her.


The End

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