The Piano Player's Words

Mira had been laying in that hospital for three months, when a boy payed her a visit. He brought her a single white carnation, and her sat by her side, simply talking.

"You don't know me, Miss Thorn, and I'm not sure if you can hear me, inside your dream inside a dream, but I'm new at your school. I'm Leon. There was always a free seat next to where I sat - always a book, unwritten in. The teacher told me you left a book behind. You used to write stories.  Please excuse me..." Here, he paused, pulling a purple book, decorated with stars, from a messenger bag at his side.

"I hope you won't mind, but I read them. They were all exceptionally well written. I liked your descriptions of your characters. I know it's by coincidence, but you character, Koro. It was right near the beginning. You must have written it quite a long time ago." Opening the book, he flicked a page, then began to read. The nurse stood and listened to the boy, and realized, as he spoke, the boy described did sound like him.

"As the waters of reality brought Koro back from his hazy dream, he gazed into the pool he was stood in. A boy - thin, and of medium height - stared back. With startling green eyes specked with dots of rusty brown, the boy pushed his chestnut hair away from his pale face, only for the ind made it flutter back in his wy, the salty tang of the sea hiting his nose and mouth deliciously tempting him to wade deeper. Laying discarded a little way off were his thin framed glasses and roughed up Converse. On his person, Koro wore a white shirt, the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, the collar folded down neatly. His black trousers were rolled up past his knees, and in his right hand, he held a book of pure white, a golden page mrker flickering softly like a flame in the wind."  Leon looked up at her, and smiled, his dark brown hair, falling over one eye, framed with stylish glasses.

"You know, when you awake, I'd like to write with you, or paint and draw the beauty you create through text, and make it for all to see. I got you this to write your story in, Miss Mira." He placed a white book, with a golden page marker inside, on her bedside table, next to the carnation. He stood, adjusting the bag.

"I need to go. I might visit you again, someday soon. Au revoir, mon ami." With that, he stepped away, leaving through the double doors of the coma ward. The nurse wondered why he came to see a girl he'd never met. She shook her head, before glancing back at the girl. So pale...So fragile...


The End

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