The Visit to the Doctors

He walked slowly to the plain, harmless looking building that was the doctor surgery. It had been a while since he had gone but it wasn’t due to him being fit. He was completely opposite but he couldn’t get anyone to stay with Elise for any length of time. Thankfully today Ms Henderson agreed. He walked up to the receptionist, signed in, then sat on the hard plastic seat nearest the door. Was he doing the right thing by seeing the doctor? Would this just cause more anxiety for himself? Maybe he didn’t need to be so worried. As he sat a lady with her young child sat almost opposite him. Was Elise ever like that? Would she ever be again?

“Mr Walters?” He stood then followed the doctor to the office. “Check up isn’t it? You haven’t been here in a while.”


He muttered as he proceeded to take his blood pressure and other tests.

“I’ll just need a blood sample.” He said then proceeded to take some anyway. Gerald looked away. “Shall I call you when I get the results?” Gerald looked around, shocked at the speed and lack of pain.

“Um yeah, okay.”

“You seem to have a high blood pressure but it’s not too high so don’t worry.” The brash doctor explained. “Well apart from a lack of strength that seems to be all for now. I’ll call you when the results get back. Is this your number?” Gerald looked at the screen then nodded. “Excellent. Until later then.”

Gerald stood then left, slightly shocked at finding out he had been there for only 20 minutes. 

He walked back to the house, his old body hurting with each step, he hadn't walked so far since protecting poor Elise.

The End

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