The Appointment

It had been two hours but still she did not stop. The old man walked to the basket then picked out a card and dialled the number.

“Hello this is Doctor Kendle’s secretary, Doctor Kendle is busy at the moment, how can I help you?”

“This is Gerald Walters, I’d like to arrange an appointment to see Dr Kendle as soon as possible.”

“He is free tomorrow at 9 am.”

“Isn’t there anything tonight?” There was a momentary pause. He grimaced as the undesired response was given. “I’m afraid not.”

“Very well, tomorrow at nine.” He hung up then wrote the appointment down before looking to Elise. She was focused on the music as normal. As he left to the kitchen Elise relaxed slightly. She now had no other noises clashing with her music. The voices were muffled so she couldn’t be accused of listening in, not that Walters ever did. He treated her with kindness though she couldn’t reciprocate it. Why did the music take her attention so much more nowadays? No matter how badly she needed to sleep, the piano would give her energy. The piano was almost parasitic in the way it gives energy as long as it’s being played and concentrated on. To those who played it, the situation wasn’t as bad. “Elise you need to have some lunch.” She played slower and softer but her eyes remained transfixed.

“No I don’t, I’m not hungry.”

“Elise I implore you: just stop playing.” He tried not to sound too worried so his voice remained normal.

“I can’t. You don’t understand. No-one does.” She went silent as she played louder and changed to a faster song, a lot faster. The old man walked off, not too sure what he should do.

When he woke next morning, the familiar tunes of the piano were playing at the same volume. He got up, dressed then washed before getting a coat. As his feet stepped on the laminate floor Elise turned her head slightly to the left.

“You’re leaving?”

“Doctors appointment. I won’t be long.” She nodded. “I’ve called Ms Henderson to…”

“I can cope on my own.”

“Eventually you will have to.” He said quietly then walked to the door as the bell rang. “Thank you for doing this. Could you just stay in the house? She won’t speak to you.”

“Of course. Hope it goes well.” He left slowly, inwardly not wanting to.

The End

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