The Old Man

It is my task to guard her; my task to keep her away from those who may harm her. I do not begrudge my work, it is the task that I have been assigned and I will carry it through to the end. I tend to worry about what will happen when I leave her, I will not live forever. Perhaps Ms Henderson will be able to help me with that, if only Elise would let her. I wish she would make an attempt to accept anyone else; she has always been closed off but now more than ever. I don’t think she see’s that I am old, that I will have to leave her in a future that is rapidly becoming the present. I was with her mother from the beginning to the end, watching over her, guiding her, she was as a daughter to me and I still miss her. I keep Elise partly for her, as I was asked to those years ago. I cannot remember her father; he was gone in the days before the darkness came here and it is better that way. They never needed him.

I spend my days mostly making sure the house is the way it should be, there is only so much time that one can spend listening to music. As beautifully as she plays I have heard all the songs a hundred times. I make sure that she eats, though in recent years this has become harder. She does not want to eat while she plays but there is now no other way for her, I haven’t found a way around it yet. I wish there was more I could do to help her, but while she is being pulled more and more into the music I am remaining on the outside growing old and weary. Some days I think the music sustains her more than anything I can do for her, she has in the past not eaten for days on end and yet stayed strong enough to play on. Years gone by she would grow tired as we all do and fall asleep at the keys, I would carry her to bed and back the next morning. Now I have to pull her out of her musical prison, it holds her stronger every day. I keep her safe from the people in this world, but I do not think that I can save her from the music...

The End

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