Part III

Slowly and cautiously, her fingers still touching the white keys and playing the piece, she turned. Jennifer Henderson remained with a mutual glance as she stood tall. Her long, red jacket stopped inches above her ankles and clashed against her blonde hair. She wore a black tank top with black bootleg jeans, which were seen to be common compared to the shiny, high-heeled boots caressing her ankles. After gathering these pieces of information she turned, the never ceasing music becoming slightly louder as she gave her ultimate attention.

“Miss Henderson…sorry, Mrs Henderson would like to talk with you.” She could feel her anger rise so proceeded to close her eyes and concentrate on the music, and only the music. She let each perfect note flow through her. Mrs Henderson took a step forward, her heels now quietened by the soft but loud music.

“Miss Guignet please, I implore you to listen to me.” Mrs Henderson said, her voice pleading with the girl. This sudden change in attitude drew her attention. The voice was soft yet demanding, kind but angry and polite yet annoyed. Her mother was like that: she could speak one word and multiple expressions would be involved. The music came to a halt, the silence increasing ten fold. As she turned, her bright blue eyes regarded the woman by the doorway with a different view, a kinder one. Mrs Henderson was slender with an average shaped body. She had muddy brown eyes and a pale complexion. Possibly more of a ‘stay at home’ person. In short: she was quite average. The few seconds she had turned and stopped playing seemed like a lifetime to her. Her fingers began to ache and her body tensed so she turned back. Her fingers settled onto the keys and began to play from the part she had stopped on previously. The old man walked back to Mrs Henderson.

“I am terribly sorry about that. She doesn’t usually speak to strangers. I had hoped…” Mrs Henderson raised a hand and the old man stopped obediently.

“I understand.” She said with a soft tone of voice and smile.

The End

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