The Piano Player

I made a start and can't continue.

Throughout the deserted corridors of a plain but well kept building, a song played repeatedly.  The sound resonated and distorted through the vast amount of space amongst the empty hallways.  The constant clicking of heels against the laminate flooring echoed unearthly, clashing against the soft piano music.  An old man stumbled up towards the owner of the heels.  He bowed low, his back giving a loud crack as he descended then another as he ascended.  The lady gave a quick nod of acknowledgement then glanced around. 

“Where is that music coming from?”

“The hall M’lady.”  The old man responded instantly. 

“Show me.”  The man led the way down similar looking corridors and turning several corners.  The hall was circular with smooth, untarnished, white walls.  The chandelier was made up of tiny crystals and the few windows were designed so they blended into the area.  A young girl with hair down to the small of her back was plying a piece of music repeatedly.  Her head turned slightly as they entered but she ignored this.  The lady cleared her throat as the young girl’s hands continued although she had clearly heard them enter.  “Get her attention.”  The man bowed then approached. 

“Miss, there is a visitor for you.”

“Is she a doctor?”  She asked, her hands still playing the piece.  The old man looked between the lady and the girl a few times, each time frowning deeper in thought. 

“I don’t know.”  For the first time her hands missed a key.  She managed to recover then sighed.

“What is her name?”  The man smiled, he knew the answer to this.

“Jennifer Henderson.”  The girl nodded once then they fell into momentarily silence.

The End

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