Awakening, Page 7Mature

“You‘ll all be next if you don‘t step away from those two.”
The man seemed to lose the calm demeanor he had shown before. His voice was stern as he spoke again.
“Meddling in our affairs will be the last mistake you ever make.” The man pointed at the scarecrow. “He‘s chosen his fate. Kill him.”
All of the men pointed their firearms at Sid. But before any of them could fire, he surged forward towards one of the men, who was holding a shotgun. The man’s eyes widened as Sid grabbed his arms, pulling hard. In an instant, they tore from his body, blood spraying everywhere. As the man’s limbs were ripped from their sockets, the gun fell and dropped to the floor. Several of the organization members gasped in shock as the man fell backwards, screaming in pain.
“You‘re all so fragile.” Sid muttered, tossing aside the man’s arms and picking up the shotgun from the floor. He pumped it slightly, before aiming it at the rest of the men. “It‘s like you‘re all made of cardboard.”
“What are you all doing?” the commander yelled. “Shoot him down!”
He launched himself into the air, gliding over the men as they opened fire. As he descended upon them, he aimed at the man holding the grenade launcher. Realizing too late, the man tried to raise his weapon before taking a blast to the head.
Landing amidst the organization members, Sid turned towards the commander. His hand shot forward, grabbing the pistol holstered at the commander‘s side. Before the commander could even react, he was staring down the barrel of his own gun.
“You ready to back down yet?” Sid growled, releasing the safety.
The commander was still, eyes trained on the firearm pointed at his face.
“Well?” Sid spoke in a more menacing tone, moving the gun closer to the commander’s head.
“R-retreat!” the commander ordered.
“But sir…” one of the men started to say. Sid’s gun hand moved in the man‘s direction before shooting him in the forehead. He then whipped the firearm back in the direction of the commander, focusing it on him again.
“Anyone else wanna try to talk him out of his life?” Sid asked. The rest of the men seemed to hush up after seeing another one of their own take a bullet to the head.
“I said retreat!” the commander said again, more forcefully this time. “We‘ll worry about these two sorcerers later.”
As the men began to run out of the church, Angelo got up from where he had landed after dodging the explosion. When all of the men from the organization had disappeared, Sid dropped the guns he was holding. He attempted to wipe the blood off himself before giving up and turning towards Isabelle and Angelo.
“I still gotta get used to being able to move like that.” Sid grunted. “It took a lot of work to keep from losing my balance while I was moving.”
“You really fucked this guy up…” Angelo muttered, looking at the armless man lying on the floor. The man had very clearly bled to death.
“I have to admit, I’m glad that you’re on our side.” Isabelle approached Sid, waving her hands. As she did so, the blood staining Sid’s outfit evaporated into the air, leaving a metallic smell in the atmosphere.
“So what do we do now?” Angelo asked.
“You two need to get some rest.” Sid told them. “It‘s obvious you‘re not at your peak right now. Some sleep will do you some good.”
“Fine.” Isabelle said. “But we can‘t sleep for too long. We need to get back to our friends soon.”
“Friends?” Sid asked, tilting his head slightly.
“We‘ll explain later.” Angelo said, laying down. “Just promise you‘ll watch over us. Make sure nobody tries to attack us while we rest.”
“Don‘t worry.” Sid said as he sat down on the floor. “I doubt they're gonna come back anytime soon. Not after running with their tails between their legs.”
“Alright, whatever.” Angelo said. He looked up at Sid. “Wake us up in about three hours.”
“Sure.” Sid crossed his legs, folding his arms slightly. “Just don’t expect me to be nice about it. I‘m giving up MY sleep to make sure the both of you can make it the rest of the way.”

The End

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