Awakening, Page 6Mature

The rest of the organization members aimed their guns at the two of them, their intentions clear. Isabelle moved swiftly, raising her arms in an upward motion. As she did so, a translucent barrier erected itself in front of Angelo. Just as the barrier had finished raising itself, the men of the organization fired upon the two of them.
“Hurry and clear a path.” she gasped. “I‘m too tired to keep this up for long.”
“Got it.” he replied. “Once we get outside, I can take care of the rest.”
As the two of them walked forward, Angelo swept his arm to the left, knocking several of the men aside. They continued to move forward, breaking through the ranks of the organization members one-by-one.
“We‘re almost there.” Angelo called to Isabelle over the noises of gunfire. However, as he regained focus on the men in front of him, he realized that one of them had pulled out a grenade launcher, and was aiming it at the two of them.
“Shit!” he exclaimed. Isabelle’s shield couldn’t withstand an explosion from a weapon of that size, not in her condition. “Get down!”
Having had the same revelation as him, Isabelle dropped the shield immediately. As soon as the man fired the grenade launcher, the two of them jumped out of the way. The shell barely missed them, exploding a few feet behind them.
“We can’t make it…” Angelo said weakly. “There‘s too many, and we‘re too exhausted.”
The men of the organization began to close in, keeping their guns trained on the two of them. As they began to encircle them, the both of them felt as though there was no hope. There was no way they could make it through in their current state. They had lost.
Suddenly, the decorated glass window at the head of the church room exploded inward. Everyone turned immediately to the source of the commotion. As the glass flew across the room, Isabelle and Angelo saw a dark figure gliding through the air. It landed a few feet in front of the now-shattered window, before standing tall.
“Hello, boys…” Sid greeted. “You mind if I join in?”
As Angelo got a better look at him, he realized Sid was holding something. She tried to bring it into focus, but she couldn’t tell what it was from her current position.
The commander who had spoken earlier started talking again.
“Who are you?” he asked. “And what are you doing here?”
“Me?” Sid asked in a tone of false ignorance. “I‘m just a guy who was dozing outside. As far as why I‘m here, I decided to come in when I heard all the noise you were making. Gunshots, explosions, crashing sounds. How‘s a man supposed to sleep with all this shit going on?”
The man was unimpressed with Sid’s sarcasm. “How did you get in here? There were men stationed all around this building. How did you manage to-”
“Oh, you mean those guys who were standing around me when I woke up?” Sid asked, interrupting the man before he could finish talking. “The ones with the guns?”
He held up the object in his hand. Angelo’s eyes widened, realizing that it was a man’s head. He looked towards Isabelle. She seemed to be smirking.
“Not even in my league.” Sid threw the head towards the group of organization members. They backed up as it landed in front of them, rolling slightly.

The End

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