Awakening, Page 5Mature

“So, I was right about him, wasn’t I?” Isabelle said loftily. She and Angelo were now in the church building, having broken the lock that had been placed on the doors. Angelo was sitting on one of the benches closest to the front, while Isabelle was lying on the floor in front of him.
“He came close to killing you.” Angelo said sternly. He was still on edge due to the events that had just transpired. “Don‘t act like you planned that whole encounter. I saw that look in your eyes. You had no idea what he was planning to do.”
“Just be happy for once.” Isabelle replied. “Yes, I took a risk, but it paid off. He‘s agreed to help us, at least until we make it back to our city. Besides…”
She turned over slightly, looking at him from the floor.
“…you know as well as I do that I could‘ve killed him if he became too much of a problem…”
“Still.” Angelo muttered. “We can‘t go around making such reckless choices hoping that the outcome will make our situation better.”
“Where is he, anyway?” she suddenly asked.
“He‘s outside, in the back somewhere.” he answered, closing his eyes. “He said something about needing to sleep.”
“He has the right idea.” She stretched slightly, seeming somewhat exhausted. “We‘ve been on our feet since we got ambushed.”
“You can sleep if you want.” Angelo told her. “I‘m going to stay up in case any more of those men decide to show up.”
Almost as soon as he finished talking, the front doors exploded inwards, splintering across the room. Through the smoke and debris, several men in black suits stormed into the church building, each one carrying a firearm of some kind.
“You can be a real jinx sometimes.” Isabelle scowled. “Come on. We need to get out of here.”
“There’s no use resisting.” one of the men from the organization said, catching their attention. He seemed to be the commander of the unit. “You‘ll never make it out alive. Just come along peacefully and neither of you will be harmed.”
“No use resisting? Come along peacefully?” Angelo’s voice was cold as he stood up from the bench. “I really hate to disappoint you after you spent so much time rehearsing that all night. But if you think for one second that we‘re just going to walk with you wherever you plan on taking us, you‘re in for a rude awakening.”
The man seemed unaffected by what Angelo had said to him. “If you refuse to cooperate, then I‘m afraid we‘ll have to bring you down with force.”
Suddenly, a group of the men began to rush towards the two of them, aiming their guns at them. As they grew closer, Angelo flicked his hand towards the area beneath them. A large black shadow rose from the floor, engulfing the men until they were out of sight. He then closed his palm, causing the shadow to collapse inward. The sound of bones breaking could be heard from inside.

The End

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