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His gaze returning to Isabelle, the scarecrow spoke again.
“You have my attention. Now talk. Why did you bring me back?”
“We need help, and we think you’re the best one for the job…”
She began to explain their situation. “You might have guessed this already, but I‘m a sorceress. He‘s a sorcerer too. We usually prefer to keep that part of us a secret, but we‘re in dire straits right now.”
“How dire?” He asked.
“We‘re being hunted.” Angelo interjected. “By an organization.”
“You‘re shitting me.” Sid said blankly.
“I honestly wish I was.” Angelo replied. “Ever since we started heading back home from Torch City, they‘ve been trying to capture us. We still don‘t know why.”
“Why do you need MY help?” he asked. “Are you trying to tell me that sorcery of yours can’t help you take down those grunts?”
“We‘re not indestructible.” Angelo seemed a bit irritated by Sid’s question. “We can still die from almost anything normal people can. Including guns.”
“With you, however…” Isabelle said, “…we were able to give you a few…enhancements that we couldn‘t give ourselves.”
Sid seemed caught off-guard by her statement, but it was hard to tell since his entire face was covered.
“How?” he asked her.
“You see…” Isabelle started to smile. “…our sorcery isn’t capable of altering someone’s physical or emotional attributes. In other words, we can’t use it to make anyone stronger, faster, nicer, more flexible, or anything in between.
“However…” Angelo entered the conversation again. “…we didn’t just resurrect you. We also fused you with a scarecrow at the same time.”
Sid looked down at himself, realizing that he was clad in the clothes of a scarecrow. He held up his hand, as if it was the only thing left that he could recognize.
“By doing so, we‘ve made you into something that isn‘t living.” Angelo continued. “You‘ve become something that is part human, part object.”
“And that means…” Isabelle said, sitting down on one of the gravestones nearby, “…that we were able to give you certain capabilities that you could never have if we had simply brought you back as a human.”
There was a brief pause before Sid spoke again.
“I‘m not sure how to react to this whole thing…” His voice was calm, but he seemed to be bothered by what he had heard. “I‘m going to be honest, I don‘t feel right about you two fucking with my body.”
Suddenly, Sid lunged forward, grabbing Isabelle by the throat. Angelo’s eyes widened as Isabelle was slowly lifted off her feet by the scarecrow.
“Isa!” Angelo yelled. “Put her down!”
“In fact, I don‘t feel right about any of this.” Sid seemed to be ignoring Angelo’s words. “The sorcery. The fact that I‘m alive after dying so long ago. The fact that you‘ve done whatever the hell it is you‘ve done to me. It‘s a real big rollercoaster that I never asked to ride…”
Isabelle gazed at him, choking from asphyxiation. She seemed unsure of what was going to happen next, but there wasn‘t a touch of fear in her eyes.
“However,” he continued, “the more I dwell on it, the more I think to myself that this might be a second chance for me to make amends for screwing up my life before I died…”
Out of nowhere, he dropped Isabelle, then turned towards the church building to the north.
Isabelle gasped for air as Angelo came running to her. Both of them were taken aback by what the scarecrow had said. They glanced at each other before looking back at him.
“Screwing up your life?” Angelo asked.
“Don‘t worry about it.” Sid replied. “It‘s not something I want to talk about.
He turned around, facing the both of them. “Now, tell me more about those ‘capabilities’ you were talking about.”


The End

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