Awakening, Page 2Mature

Suddenly, Angelo understood why they were here. He looked at Isabelle in sheer disbelief at what she was intending to do.
“There‘s no way you can pull that off.” He said to her. “It‘s too risky, even for you.”
“I‘m not doing it alone.” Isabelle looked up at him, smiling wryly. “You‘re going to help me.”
He sighed. “There really is no arguing with you over this, is there?”
“Nope.” She stated flatly. She slowly unstrapped the scarecrow from her back, setting it down next to one of the gravestones nearby.
“I think you should know what to do here.”
Angelo moved to a spot a few inches in front of the tombstone. He knelt down, placing his hand on the dirt below him. He closed his eyes, seeming as if he were concentrating on something.
Suddenly, he stood up, opening his eyes. “Six feet.”
“Good, This shouldn‘t be too much trouble then.” She said. She centered herself a few feet from the tombstone, while Angelo stepped away from where he’d been standing.
“It‘s all yours.” he said.
Isabelle moved her right hand in the direction of the gravestone. At first, nothing happened. But then, the edge of what looked like a coffin surfaced from a spot in the dirt. It began to emerge further, until the whole thing was visible. It was indeed a coffin.
Angelo and Isabelle moved towards the coffin until they were standing directly over it. Angelo turned to Isabelle, then looked at the coffin.
“Well, let‘s get started.” He told her. “This isn‘t going to take care of itself.”
They began to draw symbols into the dirt near the coffin, putting a lot of time into detailing each one. They kept on for almost an hour, occasionally stopping to keep their hands from cramping up.
Finally, they finished up the last symbols, enclosing them in a square. Wringing his hands, Angelo spoke in a matter of fact tone.
“The rest is on you. I can‘t help you with this last step.”
“That‘s fine. You‘ve been of great help.” she replied. She then pulled a small, pristine razor from her sleeve. Holding it steady, she sliced the wrist of her right hand, causing it to bleed. Wincing slightly, she motioned with her other hand. “Open it.”
Angelo did as he was told, removing the lid from the coffin and setting it down. As he did so, he had to struggle to keep himself composed as caught a glimpse of the bones the coffin held.
“Good.” she said to him. “Now pick up the scarecrow over there and put it in with the remains.”
He walked over to where Isabelle had set down the scarecrow earlier. He picked it up, surprised at how light it was, and tossed it into the coffin.
“Thanks.” she told him, walking over to the coffin. She moved her bleeding arm, letting some of her blood drip onto the scarecrow and the remains. Then she moved over to the enclosed symbols, letting her wrist bleed onto them as well. Angelo strode towards her, coming to a stop by her side.
“How long will it take for the ritual to take effect?” he asked her.
“Give it a minute.” She answered weakly. “You can‘t rush something like this. I‘m sure it will happen any time n-”
She was cut off when a flash of light began radiating from the coffin. At the same time, the symbols the two of them had drawn began glowing with the same light. The ground began to shake, and a loud warping noise began to sound from the coffin.

The End

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