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(This is a story I've been working on for some time now. I hope to translate it to comic book/manga form once I have enough of the story written out. Since I have a good amount of the events planned already, I'll be keeping this a solo work for now. Also, since it's my first attempt at a story, and a manga one at that, try to go easy on the criticism if you have any. With all that said, enjoy.)

The night was a cold one. The moon was shining brightly, illuminating a small cemetery below. Several graves were scattered across the earth, surrounded by patches of grass that were interspersed between them. A small church building lay on the edge of the graveyard, casting a shadow over some of the graves below. The air was almost too quiet…
A man and a woman emerged from the forest bordering the southern edge of the graveyard. The man wore a dress shirt underneath a black suit, yet he seemed to have neglected to wear a tie. He was clad in a pair of dress shoes that only added to the flair of his look. The woman seemed to be wearing something that was a mix between a long, black dress and a suit-combo similar to her partner’s. She wore a pair of black boots that matched the rest of her attire, and they served to complete her outfit. She also had a scarecrow strapped to her back.
They stopped in front of the cemetery, each observing their surroundings. Then, the woman spoke.
“Looks like we made it.” she said to the man. She looked ahead, glancing at the church building on the other side of the graveyard. “Once we‘ve found him, we can rest in there.”
“Are you sure he‘s here?” the man asked her, turning to look at her.
“I’m positive.” She answered him, folding her arms. “Something tells me a man like him would be here.”
“But why, Isabelle?” The man asked. “Why him, of all people? What’s a former cop going to do to help us?”
“Think about it, Angelo.” she continued. “Even normal policemen have to go through fairly serious combat training. And he was rumored to be one of the best men on the force in his time. You said it yourself. We won‘t make it back to the others if we don‘t acquire some help…”
“I‘m still not too sure about-” Angelo began.
“Speaking of help, why don’t you help me find him?” Isabelle cut him off. “He might be in that church over there.”
He seemed a bit concerned with the way she was going about the situation, but he did as he was told nonetheless. Walking to the church building, he started to think to himself.
“What on earth is she planning? I mean, I understand that she‘s capable of thinking leagues ahead of me in situations like this, but just what is any of this going to accomplish?”
He was still trying to piece it all together once he reached the front of the church. He tried to open the doors, but they seemed to be locked from the inside. Cursing, he sat down in front of the entrance, deep in thought.
“First, we get ambushed and pursued again on our way back to our city. Then she decides to lift a scarecrow from a farm we passed, and almost gets us shot by a farmer. Then she randomly decides that we‘re going to find a former cop to help us, and that he lives in a GRAVEYARD!”
He sighed. “Our life might not be typical, but today has been strange even by my standards.”
Suddenly, he heard Isabelle’s voice yelling to him.
“I found him!” she shouted. “Over here!”
He got up and started running in the direction of her voice. However, when he reached her, he didn’t see anyone else.
“Quit fooling around, Isa.” He said to her, clearly irritated. “There‘s nobody here.”
“Oh really?” Isabelle replied in a mocking tone of voice. “Look down there.”
She was pointing towards a gravestone next to her. It read:

Here Lies
Sid Walken
former police detective
1966 - 1992
May The Lord guide his soul to the gates of Heaven

The End

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