One day as one of the tenants was making his way down to breakfast he felt his shoes being pulled off, looked round and saw a shadowy figure making off. The man reported it and tried to find out who the intruder was.

Other people living here also saw a shadowy figure walk past .

Not only a man had his shoes stolen from right underneath his feet, but light bulbs were also disappearing for no apparent reason.

One of the tenants said that,

“I bet that some phantom burglar is going on the prowl stealing everything in this block of flats”, but no one else believed him, but, one night he saw a shadowy figure walking past him trying to pull his trousers off.

The Phantom of Smartypants Lodge had struck.

Now, more and more people reported strange goings on - light bulbs being mysteriously stolen, dining room tables being kicked across the room and chairs being chucked up to the ceiling and piles of poo suddenly appearing in the lounge, for apparently the phantom burglar must have relieved himself, much to the disgust of other residents.

One tenant said,

“Does it arf pong in here, how can a man use this lounge as a toilet, only an animal could do this.

Unbeknown to tenants the phantom burglar was an escaped convict from a tree top prison in High Tea, Essex.

Somehow the burglar must have slid down the tree after overpowering prison guards and made his escape on a 20 wheel motorbike. He then burst into Smartypants Lodge by scaling the wall and punching a hole in the bricks, he then put them back in place to make it seem that no forced break - in had ever taken place.

In the morning when the support worker did the rounds some tenants reported hearing noises at night, and two people reported seeing a shadowy figure scurrying past them as they made their way to their flats and had to shut the door quickly to stop the intruder from breaking into their homes.

“I’ m going to have to report this to the police.”

The police were called and they with dogs tried to catch the phantom, but couldn’t, for the burglar did everything in such a hidden way that it was impossible to catch him, so the only answer was to use stink bombs.

When the overpowering smell of the stink bombs reached the phantom’s hideout he made a run for it but was brought down by a police dog. The burglar was then returned to Billyook Prison in High Tea and chained up to the ceiling so he shouldn’t escape, but he was much too strong for the chains and broke free. He tried to escape , but was stopped in his tracks. He was then told that if he tried to escape he would be cooked and eaten by all the inmates who would have a slice of Burglar Pie.

In the end the convict did what he was told and didn't escape anymore.

In the end the convict obeyed and plotted no more escapes.

The End

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