The Petal

You see the moon in the sky, wondering what it signifies in the polluted world. The golden light surrounding the edges of the moon make you wonder whether behind that, is there a life? Is there something more than just those gray spots and white bright light? You stare at the heavenly body for a few more seconds, till a loud honk breaks the flow of thought...              

              The head lights illuminate the dark road, defining the bark of the tree and the only car that had been standing on the road since the time you learnt to walk. There had always been a thought that maybe the car would move one day, the dust beneath the car would clear one day. Through the windows you’d hear the engine blare and deafen the animals of the area. The chaos of dogs barking while the cats groan and the crickets creak in the background would cause a pandemonium and then suddenly, everything would stop.

              A hand reaches out for your shoulder. By the time you turn, the smoke of the ‘agarbatti’ has filled the room and the hand seems to have disappeared in the smoke somewhere… You open a draw, then another. The haste and hurry in the actions seem like something has gone into you.


“Calm down, you’ll find it! It must be right here somewhere… maybe in the wardrobe above?”

You climb the stool.

“Did he hide it or, have I lost it?”

You scratch your head.

“But, I remember keeping it behind the speaker!”

You unplug the wires and throw the woofer down form the desk.

“It’s not here! Where did he-?  

The speakers!”

The woofer is broken and you see bits and pieces scattered over the floor. Just when you’re clearing the mess, you see a small piece hanging from the wire! Staring at the simple magical probability and fragility of how the edge of the broken piece hung from the wire, you laugh! You jump like a spring, get hold of the stool and within no time are searching for the thesaurus dictionary above!

“There!! I found it!”

Sigh of relief.


              You smell the old paper and the fragrance that object had caste on it. Observe the intricate lines that ran through the 3 centimeter maroon and velvet petal. A smile lightens up your face as you turn back to see his picture on the wall. You see yourself held delicately in his arms and the shy look in your eyes, while he looked at you so strongly and passionately. The promise in his eyes and loyalty to live forever spoke volumes of his love for you.

Tears rolled down the cheek as your eyes moved from the lovely picture to the one which hung on a plain wall, possessing a ‘mala’ and the ‘agarbatti’.

You climbed down the stool, moved towards the window, stared at the moon and screamed.

The End

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