You leap on the car bonnet, do a little jig and loudly proclaim "I cannot tell a lie, it was I who rivetted sheet steel to your car, you big nancy boy!"

Your neighbor pokes his head out of the window to hear your taunts and to see the final energetic hops of your jig.

"Dammit, Jimmy! How many times am I going to have to tell you this? When you need to escape," he says, his fist crashing down on the window sill, "steel your own damn car!" He slams the window shut and you can hear his feet pounding down his stairs. Two seconds later and he has emerged from the front door, dressed in a robe and fuzzy slippers. "It might help if you shut yourself in there, too, so I can't get to you to kick your little ass!"

Well, it has been the third time this has happened, you think. maybe even the fourth. or the fifth. Still, you don't want to have to pay the mechanic to remove all this steel again. Plus, your neighbor looks pretty peeved. Should you run, or be a good samaritan and stay?

The End

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