chapter 15

Chapter 15

Ben's Pov

 As I help my friends carry john and Danny, I think to myself about what's ahead. Likely we'll lose; even so we will still have our savior. Trying to focus on the battles we have won to lift my spirits, we walk up to the sunset hotel. Elbowing my way up to the sign in desk through the crowded, but fancy lobby. I say, "Hi, my name is Ben and these are my friends. We would like a room." The secretary has a big, plastered on smile, long strawberry-Blond hair, white skin, and long legs. She says,

"We have been expecting you Mr. Ben. Right this way." I look around to my friends as the secretary shows us to our room. They shrug, except john. He’s passed out. I would be too if I had gone through that much of a battle. Following her I try to scope the place, high ceilings, columns, huge double doors. I must have missed something because suddenly I feel a hard blast of something. Not knowing if it was air or just someone invisible to my eyes I grit my teeth, we do not need this right now. 

I hear a hick-up-ing laugh behind me and my friends and I turn. The prep-school girl from earlier waves at us non-chalantly. I glare at her, trying not to burst with the annoyance and sheer anger coursing through my blood. I sink into my stance and wave her on. She giggles and goes into her position. I sigh, then run and try to kick her. She blocks it but I rocket up with an upper cut.  once I uppercut I drop a stick-foot trap and a spike-trap right behind it then I use her holding my foot to jump off and beckon her too me.  She scowls and runs towards me, one of her feet getting stuck in the stick-foot trap. Before she can try to undo the trap I start throwing furniture at her. Dodging the furniture and trying to undo the trap, she bombards it with hard air. I chuckle as I know that she’s just going to break her own leg doing that. 

Breaking her leg she screams, lunging at me. I duck and catch her broken leg and squeeze it. She screams and I laugh at her stupidity. Then I throw her up and allow her to fall on my upright leg, hurting her back. Believing she’s done for I turn and walk back to my friends. She throws a huge blast of hard air at me and blows me into a column. I glare at her then jump down landing in a judo stance. She laughs and tries to run towards me with her leg broken. Once she finally gets there I judo flip her and make sure she’s out. 

"Sorry about that guys. Now let’s go to a different hotel. One without a person trying to take my head off."I chuckle. My friends laugh and nod. We walk out, knowing that this is just the tip of the iceberg. We walk around for about an hour joking and actually trying to have fun as we look for a hotel to stay the night. Finally we find the coconut hotel and book a night. 

"Hey, guys we should have a bible study and then find a couple of tents." Sarah says.

"Why, do we need tents?"  Jess asks. 

"Because we need to have some kind of shelter. We can’t stay more than 2 nights here. We have no money. That is unless we beat up the staff but unless we have to I don’t want to do that." she says.

“or I could just put a force field on the room and we could stay as long as we need." jess suggests. 

"Okay!" she agrees. We all take out our bibles and start reading in Jeremiah in chapter 29. 

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you." I read from where we left of last night. We think about that passage. I look around the room and see that most of my friends have grins on their faces, maybe understanding the passage maybe not. The only two that don’t are Sarah and john. 

“What does this speak of for where we are now?"

"How can hurting people prosper us?"

"How can fighting an army prosper us?"

"Why is this his plan?" john and Sarah take turns asking in rapid fire fashion. I raise a couple of hands to still the questions for a minute. 

“I can’t pretend I know why this is his plan or how it prospers us, but what I do know is that it has to in some way. Also I know that what the verse speaks of where we are now is that he has our years planed out and that we will be okay. That’s how I see it." 

“I agree with been," jess says, “Since this is his plan, as far as we can tell, then we should obey him and follow it.”  We all nod and branch away to start our own payers. This is my prayer,

Lord I don’t know how this can prosper us. Hurting these people as we just try to have our own life. That might be impossible but only you know that. Lord thank you for your word. Thank you for giving us hope when we need it the most. Thank you for staying with us as we have our trials and carry us when we can’t walk our selves along your path, my lord. In your name, amen


The End

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