chapter 14

Chapter 14

Danny’s Pov

Walking. Endless walking. I stumble and collapse as we come out of the mountains, finally, into a wooded area. Thankfully Jess and Sarah are helping john so I didn't throw the guy as I fell. "Please, let’s stop and just rest for a minute." Sarah sighs and nods. We find places to sit, all except Sarah, every rest she just spars. If no one will spar she spars with a tree. Scurrying around it and hitting and kicking it, hitting it with a blast of poison once she’s done. “That will kill the environment. You know that right?"  

She chuckles and says, “Yeah. Good thing is, I'm not a tree hugger. Now, we need to get moving. It’s Tuesday and we needed to be out of these woods an hour ago. Y’all decided to rest."  She shakes her head, the tell-tale sign of Sarah, her smirk, ever on her face.  

“I think we can go now though." she nods happily and starts running to resume her position in assisting john move. I start fast walking the others following my lead. We get about half way through the wooded area and it heats up to my estimation of 94 degrees. More than that, I get suspicious. I look to john and see he has the same instinct pulling at him. I shrug and start looking for tracks as I lead on at least 10 steps ahead of the rest of the group. I see the end of the labyrinth of wood and scorching heat. Well, of wood at least. 

I stop all of a sudden. I look up and say, “I can hear your thoughts. I know you’re up there. Now, how about you come down and talk to us like a good little girl." I chuckle as I say this, amusing myself with one of my many not-so-funny jokes. A mysterious looking, auburn haired, girl does a swing of a branch and lands right in my way. Her theatrics make me smirk a little with mirthless amusement.

"Jess, Sarah, take john and clear out." I say, they nod and get going. I glance back, seeing Ben stay I add, "you too Ben." 

"I can help you." he says. I shake my head and fix a stare at him. He grumbles but leaves with jess and Sarah. I glance over and see the mysterious girl shaking her head. She grins, an evil glint flashing in her emerald eyes.

I sweep her feet, she falls but catches herself on her hands and lunges forward an icy arm coming in for a savage punch. I duck but it’s too late. The ice almost enters the wound it made. I heat my head up as I close my eyes, the ice melts. Then I open my eyes, and shoot a laser into her arm.  'She flies across the space where we are fighting. She growls and throws her arm out, sending 5 or 6 ice spikes my way. Dodging I run forward and kick her shins. After she falls to her knees I spin and, releasing all the tension, and using all my strength I kick her across the water. Skipping like a human skipping stone she freezes it as she lands after the last skip. She growls her face a little bloodied. I grin and run forward. "My name is Caitlyn!!" she screeches as she sends some ice-spears at me.

Dodging most of them I send a high power beam at her, just after one of the ice spears slices my arm a bit. She dodges and runs toward me; she is sending a wave of pure, icy energy at me. I myself am sending all of my fiery energy at her. The pulsating energies crash together, lifting us up in a shock wave. I kick her down and she throws some more energy my way. I vaporize it and send the rest of the energy I have in me into my lasers that I shoot towards her. Before it hits she says,

“You guys will never, ever beat the army we come from. They’re too powerful." after she says this Caitlyn falls unconscious. Looking around I slowly start making my way to my friends, who are somewhere in the wooded area. Maybe they're out already. Looking down I see the small shoeprint of what I am sure is john’s shoe. I follow the shoe-prints and contemplate what Caitlyn said. Maybe she's right. Even so, I will fight for my lord and savior to do all I can to defeat these guys. 

"Danny!" screams my friends as they rush toward me, seeing that I am exhausted.  

“Did you win?" Ben asks. I nod and sit down. 

“At least we are finally in Florida." I say, then pass-out.

The End

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