chapter 13 - The Second Battle of The Persecuted

John's Pov

I stare down Mr. Trench Coat. He laughs and says, "Come on. Make a move. Unless you can't." I lunge and punch at him he catches it and knees me in the face. I gasp, reach for a tree limb and swing myself around; using the momentum of the kick I place a kick straight at his shoulder and put him in an arm bar. Suddenly, I can’t see him anymore. I look around panicked. I hear him chuckle, but I’m not able to find the direction the sound comes from. Pain erupts in my stomach and my knee as I’m kicked by an invisible kick. I kick up and forward, hitting what I hope is his chest. I get up and start running, picking a random tree I climb to the top to get a bird’s eye view. 

Calming down I force my mind to search for feelings of malice and ill intent. I find him and start swinging myself to get some momentum. Once I get that momentum I swing myself and give him a double booted kick in the leg, hearing the bone crack and move a little through the muscles of his leg. Since he is hurt he lets himself become visible.  He grunts as he gets up and moves his leg the bone weaving its fibers back together and healing itself.  I sigh, thinking of how to defeat him, and then grin. I pick up a big and thick tree limb and walk forward. "please," he says chuckling," you can barely protect the girl your sweet on how do you expect to defeat me?" I look down, knowing he’s right. I shrug and swing the limb at his shoulder. He spits out a curse as he gets up and runs the other direction. I grin and see the vine he is approaching rapidly runs to where I am standing. I pull the vine and watch as he trips and lands on some rocks. He gets up and throws a rock at me as I run toward him. It hits my shoulder. I grunt as I try to hold onto the limb.

Dropping the limb I push him back down as he tries to get back up. My eyebrows in a perfect mahogany tilt I punch him and he laughs. Again I punch him. He says, " kind of funny really.  Not only cant you protect them, but you also can’t protect yourself." he picks up a huge rock and slams it on my leg. As I fall to the left, my bone breaking, he takes the stone and tries to smash my head. I catch it and knee his nose. He falls unconscious. I laugh as I say, " don’t underestimate those you don’t know, and you don't know me, punk."

Turning from my attacker i inch my way towards where i directed them to leave at, my mind echoing, you can't defend them. you cant even protect yourself. i shake my head, not wanting it to be true when i know it is. looking down I'm barely at the entrance to where they left into the labyrinth that's called the woods. i grit my teeth and go about getting another solid limb so i can support myself on it. after i find it my mind wanders back to the thought provoking series of questions i received during the fight. i've got to face this, i think.  can i protect them? can i protect myself? looking down i ask one of the most important questions ever, should i be worrying about that while i try to glorify Him? can i protect her? 

The answer to the first, i think, is i can and just did defend them. The second, well, i will sacrifice myself if i cant protect myself. I don't know if i should be worrying about this or focusing on the inevitable battle ahead. ill pray about it. i will do my best to protect her, whether that means fighting or dieing. 

as i have been lost in my thoughts i automatically have been following shoe tracks to find my friends. Ahead i see them, all lead by Jess into a understandable structure and campsite. i make the mistake of screaming as i fall. they rush over on hearing me, and carry me to the camp just as the world goes black and i find myself in a depth-less black void. Much like how when we deceive ourselves we are in a black void that blinds us to whats right and noble.

The End

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