chapter 12

Chapter 12

Running away from that huge battle, we take stock of our injuries and more importantly, ourselves.  we stop a hundred yards into the fooothils of the wrent mountain range that contains the cave we have come to call home for four months. i only have a spattering of bruises; jess and danny however have farred much worse than i.  seeing a gash on jess' legg i rip off a strip of my shirt and bind it tightly while stanching the blood flow. sending a smile to jess i stand up and walk to danny asking him, 

" what hurts bud?" He points to his shoulder non-chalantly and says,

“Only my shoulder, John.” I nod and get to work picking up sticks and small limbs from trees. Then, finding a few vines, I tie them together and fit it to Danny. “Yeah, that fits. Thanks.” I grin and nod as I tighten it so he cant move it.

“Okay, let’s move. We have to get through the mountains and onto the coast of Florida by Wednesday and its Monday now. “ I say.  

“dude, your being a bit bossy.” Sarah says as she starts walking towards the mountains with the others.

“sorry im just trying to cement a plan of action.” She shrugs and continues walking, now with a face that looks like shes thinking about something. I start jogging, trying to get the rest to follow my lead. I look back and call out “ please guys we have to hurry.”  I stop and go back, picking jess up and resuming jogging.

 The rest follow my lead and start running themselves. We pass by the maze of trees and into the snaggletooth pass in the mountains. “ okay lets setup camp.” I say.  Dividing up the jobs, I set up the tents and the blankets we grabbed before leaving the cavern. Danny and been and sarah go hunting and jess stays nearby looking and picking up firewood. She comes back and I help her set the wood up for a small, smokeless fire. When I help her light it I look around to see that everyone is back, at least in body if not mind. Though for myself the only thought is one of survival.

Sarah’s POV

I did nothing, I think. All of this training for so long and nothing think as I begin to question who I am, the only thing that defines me becoming foreign. Retreating into myself start to blame myself and to hold the failure close. Then I feel the urge to read in my bible. As I sit down at the fire I start reading and praying. Absentmindedly I eat as I am doing this. Closing my eyes I hear god saying, ' I’m right here and your failures will be turned to success.' I grin knowing the problem is solved and that it will take time to be myself again.

 I numbly go through the motions as we climb up and down the mountains. Finally I make the decision to fight with the surroundings I find myself in. snapping myself out of the trance I was in, john held up a hand warning us to stand still. His ears twitching and his face wearing an expression of thought. He whispers,

"Run!"  Before we can though, the guy from the camp we fought through steps from behind us and a monumental green bush. 

"Run is right, guys" he says, grinning smugly. I start forward to attack him when john stops me. 

"Let me attack him please." I say with a light of revenge glinting in my eyes.

“No, Sarah. You will continue on with the rest. Without me you’re their only chance for survival.” He says softly. Before he can finish I am shaking my head and saying,

“No. they can handle themselves. Right now I need my revenge.” He chuckles, saying,

“Why? Remember in the bible it says ‘revenge is mine, says the lord’?” I sigh softly, knowing he’s right, then start to gather up my friends and get them to the other side of the fighting circle. They struggle but I strong arm them into running for their lives. Looking back I resolve to learn how to take the word into my life and be as brave as john. 

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The End

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