chapter 11


Chapter 11

Danny's POV

As i hear the others fighting i look over to the left and see a girl, who looks to have been in prepschool, rush toward me.i drop and kick at her stomach, she catches my leg and holds it steady so that i cant to anything else. i grin and give her a small kick in the chin, thus loosening her hold on my leg. then she knees me in the stomach, sensing i was about to beat her. i laugh with joy and blast her with a blast from my laser eyes.she gets knocked back several feet and struggles to get back up. i shake my head and turn to walk away.

suddenly im in the air as she has kicked my legs from under me and let me hit the ground hard. i scowl and scramble to get up, i kick her in the back of her head. sighing, i look to make sure she is okay.


Jenns Pov

"no! i wont tell you! i appreciate your concern but, no!" i say, annoyed that they keep asking. i look around the cafateria and sigh wishing they would just leave me be for a little bit. 

"fine. you dont want to tell us? what ever, i dont even want to know." cate says, as she angrily storms out of the room. i get up, sensing im not welcome at that moment, and walk to a work out room in the lab. as i walk i remember the day that will be forever etched into my memory. the day that she was taken. the day that changed my life.

it was at night, i remember. i heard the noices and got out of bed to investigate when i hear my sis say, 'No! Go! Run, Jenn!' so i did. i ran and hid. After they left, taking my sister, as i peaked from the hallway, my dad came and nealt down to tell me,

'im going after her. stay here.' i shout, 'no!' my father looks shocked, as if he didnt expect me to refuse to let him go. 

'what?' he asks. 

"i said, 'no'. im comming with you." i say again. He sighs, trying to think by the way his facial expression was twisted and his honey-brown colored eyes were closed. he glances at mom, who promptly shakes her head emphaticaly, not wanting everyone of her children to be taken. My father nods and says, gathering his things,

'come on, then. im not gonna slow down so you will have to stay with me okay?' I grin and nod promising that i will. once we get out of the door we run to the car and hop in, the engine running before we even sit down. we back up and then drive forward, speeding in the tracks of that black as night van. my dad spots it and speeds up, now going 100+ miles an hour. we pull up next to it and ram it from the side, making it sweerve. before it even swerves we are going the other way to ram it again. we make it topple this way, as we continue doing this for fifteen minutes.

they got out, scraped up and one with a sprained wrist. we stoped suddenly, making a loud screaching noise. we got out and i yelled at them, 

"why?! why did you take my sister?" they grin like maniacs and rush us. my dad drop kicks the one that was running at him and i look for the one that was infront of me, but i am not able to find him. i look around histaricaly. i feel a sharp pain and someone whispering in my ear,

"you want her back so badly huh? well too bad. you will never see her again!"  my vision starts to blacken and the last thing i see is my dad with a horrified look on his face as i am put in a van that seems to come out of nowhere.


******************** two weeks later***********************

 a continuous beeping starts to pull me out of my stupor. i open my eyes a little bit and see machines around me. glancing down i see im hooked in to almost every machine in the room.then my eyes flicker to either side of the room, the feeling that im not in here alone bearing down on me. my eyes find a big siloute in the door way. He walks towards me slowly but with what looks like a smile on his face, as the silloute darkens and i can see more of his handsome face. "hey, i hope you can recover relatively fast because if not. well, we might have problems." he says and then walks out. i sigh, not worrying about it and feeling the claws of sleep dragging me back into unconciousnes.  i let my eyes close and relax. the next time i wake up is when they are unhooking me from the so many machines. 

"how long have i been asleep?" i ask, stiffly moving myself up to sit upright. i must have starteld the doctors because they dont look like they expected me to speak.

"a couple of weeks. give or take a day or two." one of the doctors said. i nod and finish unhooking my attatchments to the machines and try to stand. i get on my feet only to stumble. one of the doctors supports me till i push him away and start walking. "um, miss your not supposed to be walking yet. miss!: i ignore him as i search for the guy that was in my room when i wolke up. i turn a corner and see him. 

"so, what problems do we have, scum bag."i say to the guy from my room.

"well, nice to see you too. by the way my name is camron not cameron" he says snikering. camron, i think. odd name for a camando kind of guy. i shrug,

"whatever, what do we need to do that required my speedy recovery? id rather get it done fast so i can search for my sister okay? good!!: i ask him. he nods and motions for me to follow him. i follow him as asked and come to a workout/ training room that looks millitary grade. i laugh and nod, " so what am i training for?": i ask him. camron grins and shakes his head

"lets just say it will help you in your search for your sister." he then laughs and lunges at me, kneeing me in the stomach. i cough and grab his knee on instinct and shove it away. he launches a round house kick at me and i duck kicking his shin. he falls down and grins. he thinks this will be fun, i think. well hes in for trouble it wont be. ill dedicate all my being into this. camron leaves and im left by myself. i turn and walk over to the punching bags. i try to punch one and it doesnt move. i shrug and start runing around a track. once that is done i hop onto my hands and do the same thing untill camron comes back. if im not mistaken i think i see a light of approval in his eyes. i shurg not really caring if he approves of me. he has brought me food and insists i eat. so i do eat but only a fractrion of the food. i then start hammering at the punching bag . it starts swinging a smal amount. grining i start kicking it too. after about an hour goes buy i see that its time to go to bed.

i run into a couple of girls on my way to bed. one is blonde and has prepschool cloths on the other has aburn colored hair and the look of a fighter. "hi" they both say simultaneously and start snickering. "you wanna hang out?"

"nah im goin to bed but maybe tomorrow." they nod and continue to wherever they were going. the next morning i go to eat breakfast and sit down, with some hashbrowns and dont even notice the girls i met last night sit down. "oh, hi. didnt notice ya there." i say once i look up. they nod, 

""we know. so after this what do you want to do." catllyn asks

":train. i have to find my sister. if you want to hang out hang with me and train." i say as i get up and head to the training room,. i hear footsetps so i know they are coming with me. we all train for a bout an hour. butr they stop i dont. we ask eachother how we got here and share our stories. 

"okay well im gonna go see if i can find that camron dude." cate says and we laugh. "what?:" 

"iits obvious bud. you like him. its okay. " i say. she rolls her eyes and says,

"whateves see ya ladies." casey leaves shortly after but i continue training like im running from wild dogs. its interesting, i think, to have found that just today they seem to be happy even in the situation their in. i stop suddenly leaning over with pain and vomit into a trashbin. i continue trainin with the punch bag and the runing track. doing sit ups and pull ups. 

"stop! your good, your more than ready just stop bud." camron yells as he runs in. 

"ready for what?" i ask not looking at him.

"the assignment. you have to come with me and your new friends to stake out some of steves enemies." he says.

" no thanks. not interested." i say. i can almost feel his mischivous grin as he says the few words to break through my training mode.

"it will help you find your sister. steve can help you find her."  i sigh and say,

" fine. I’ll be where you need me bright and early. " 

"Be at the cafateria at 9 a.m." he instructs me.

"Okay. By the way did Cate ever find you? “I ask letting a giggle escape. 

"Yeah for the life of me I don’t know what to do with that gal. Though she is certainly interesting:" he says frowning

"That she is." I say moving to the exit of the training room.

The End

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