chapter 10

chapter 10

Jess POV

 everybody is engaged in defending themselves. Danny, with a really tall girl wearing prep school cloths. john and a girl who looks like shes spent a lot of the time being beaten. sarah and the only guy that was spotted in the camp. what was i doing? standing here shocked. i have to do something. seeing that a girl was about to sneak up and flank danny i tried to calm my breathing so that i could change. i morf into a panther i saw on the way to the cavern. licking my ebony black lips i stalk forward and jump infront of the one who were about to hurt danny.

 Dan! whatch your back man. i am gonna take care of this girl here. whipe the floor with the jerk who started your fight. i think to danny. i feel him nod through our connection. i grin barring my teeth and leap towards my intended pray. she dodges and snap kicks my leg. i growl and bat her arm with my paw, claws extended, gasping at the pain in my leg. i push myself up and leap on the girl that hurt me. the one with the prep school cloths and i growled in her face. she didnt look at me.. i tilt my head sideways curiously.... she looks like she was passed out.


************************** FLASHBACK********************

Caseys POV

 dang camron! i think. he always gets in the way. i simmer on how he ruined the spar between me and caitlyn. i sit on my bed, small and warm tears starting to drip out of my eyes. then i stand up and walk out of my room to find camron. once i do i throw a punch to his stomach. he blocks it and turns me around quickly and holds me, his arms around miine holding them down as he whispers tensly, 

"what is your problem, my friend?"  i growl

" you are my problem, jerk!" my body rocks as he chuckles. 

"why is that?"

"because you ruined my sparring. no body does that and gets away with it." i say. he takes me by the arm gently and escorts me back to my room. i break from his hold and he says,

"thats not the real reason now tell me what the real reason is!" 

" it was part of the reason." i say, lowly and gaurdedly. 

" okay, if you dont want to tell me thats your choice." he says respectfully. i see him walking away and i say,

" wait, darn you. you want to hear the real reason? the real reason is that my life has been horrible. my dad was abusive, my mom knew about it and did nothing. she turned a blind eye to it the little jerk! when i came home, every day, i could expect an angry drunk of a father that unless i did what he wanted i would get hurt. i never did it right apparently. he hit me, kicked me, anything you can think of. my mom just stood there," i said with a snarl in my voice," she never did anything. so i did the only thing i could think of: i lashed out and made trouble for others. i was such a terror for my school that the principle suggested prepratory school. so i went, made a deal of it though, kind of a tantrum i guess. anyway, i went and i was a jerk there too. but i was kidnapped. once i found out i had the power i did i thought to myself 'i can finally beat that jerk for abusing me all those years.' with that in mind i threw myself into getting better at fighting. i spared anyone who would agree.

"when i fight i feel like im important. when i fight i feel like i have a reason to live."i finish, breathing heavily. "thats what you took from me when you intervened." i say calmly.

camron just stood there in shock. then he says, "im sorry. how about this? maybe i let you fight me so that you can become stronger. that way you can become steves favorite and maybe even go on a mission that involves fighting."

" you’d do that?" i ask. He grins and says,

"yup." i grin and nod. “when do we start?” I ask.

“now.” He chuckles and lunges at me.

The End

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