chapter 9

Chapter nine

johns pov

I walk outside of the cavern with my friends and turn to them saying,

"okay, what we need to do is this. we need to distract them so sarah you run down their and distract them," she nods. " then danny you, me and the rest will skirt the campsite and run as fast and far as possible." danny, jess, and ben nod.

"alright, lets mess these people up." sarah says, chuckling. she starts running down the hill and towards the site of the camp i found. As soon as she is gone i say,

"Right, lets move!" my friends nod and motion for me to lead. i start running in a parralel line,as much as possible, to the camp base while still staying out of site. as we are darting through the trees i see a glimps of trench coat. he  gasps, as if hes about to shout, though sarah sees this as well and kicks his shin and rams her knee into his face.

She starts running, she accelerates as the girls with him start to run towards her. sarah laughs evily and ducks as one of them swings at her. Another one hits her. the spot of the strike starts to look like its freezing. Lord, help her be okay! give her strength to defeat these guys and -. my prayer is interupted as I'm suddenly on the ground and looking up at a fist as it rushes down, her fist opening to reveal a fist-sized chunk of ice. As the chunk of ice flew toward my head i deftly moved it just as it hit. I hitch my leg up to behind her calf and twist with all my might, hearing a crack as she falls. i get up and see she bumped her head hard enough, on the way down, to be knocked out.

************************************ FLASHBACK**********************************

caitlyns pov

 Turning, i find my face burried in the stiff fabric of the pillow that lay on the bed in my quarters. grogy, i open my green eyes and look around my room. i get up and shrug into a robe. after i dress i walk from my room and go towards the training room. i practice my punches and my kicks. then i start to practice my power training. i throw a punch with ice edging my fingers like a vine curling up a tree. the punch is blocked and i get a powerfull punch to the stomach.

i look around, paniced! Where is he?! i think as i rub my stomach gengerly. a kick comes into contact with my calf i bend forward as my calf fails me, then i swivel and throw an icy punch towards my asailant. Crap, its him again. i curse silently in my head. it hits and freezes what looks like a hand. i grin, okay, i think, atleast thats something. he sweeps my feet from under me and finaly becomes visable.

"be ready for radom ambushes." he says and walks out, i see a black tattoo, i guess, of the end of a tail. at least i think it is a tail. as he leaves i sigh and start towards the cafeteria so that i can eat. after i eat i go back to training, cautiously. i get through the whole session without him coming to ambush me again. at least i thought so until i felt my legs fly from under me and his face is suddenly in front of mine. he looks at me, as a lion would look at a gazelle.

i spin and kick his chest making him fly over me and then i just lay flat, breathing heavily. i laugh a little bit, then a bit more. "dude your crazy! i love it!" i say laughing.

he laughs and nods "yep, i guess i am. but i am glad to be." he gets up and sits next to me. we talk for a little while, until we get to the subject of Steve.

"so why do you hate him, other than the normal reason?" Cameron asks me. i sigh and look down before saying,

"Because, i was taken from where i was completely okay with. i was homeless, yes, but i was content. now i have to get my world thrown upside down cause this skunk needs revenge? no, that's not right. that wasn't what you asked so I'm not gonna bore you with the details." he shakes his head and says,

"tell me." i look at him suspiciously and say,

"fine. i grew up normally. you know. a house, a bed, two loving parents. on my fifth birthday week we found out there was a serial killer on the loose. i remember siimply because i didnt know what a serial killer was. it wasn't until the night after my birthday before he came to my house, that i found out." i paused here and looked away so that he didnt have to see my tears.

once i controll myself i say in a wavering voice i continue," he waited until we had just gotten back from my party at my friends house. he had already hidden in the cubbard, though we didnt know this until later, when my parents went into the kitchen he jumped out and sliced thier necks. he just sliced thier necks" i sniff, " i wanted to help but once i got there i saw i couldn't. tears running down my face i ran. i got out through the doggy door and untill a few weeks ago i had made it on my own. even if it meant stealing. i fed myself and slept behind a store with an over hang and a blanket. it was a hard way to live but i was content. i knew that He had something better for me."

"im sorry to hear that. what can i do to chear you up?" cameron asks.

"this. spar with me, hang out with me and my friends. make us better so we can master our powers. so we can bring glory to the lord even if we do have to....convince them first. " i say chuckling and whiping my tears. he nods and says,

"then we will do this every day. okay?" i nod smiling.

we did spar everyday. sometimes randomly, sometimes he'd tell me about it. i liked it best when he didnt tell me. made me better faster than when he did tell me.

********************************* END OF FLASHBACK*****************************

Johns pov

i glance over to ben and sarah, who are by now running to help. "NO!" i shout, " don't just go. now! we will catch up. hurry!" i sigh as i run towards them as i have finnished my opponent. i see that jess and dan are still fighting.


The End

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