chapter 8


Chapter 8

Jess POV

Once we get back i start breathing quicker. Sorrow, anger, joy, panic. All of these emotions going through my system and i dont know what to do with it. i start to sob, sobs that rack my entire body.My sister,i think,My sister.Those stupid, selfish, cold hearted, scientists. How the heck could they do this to her? How could they take a thirteen year old and take away her choice and make her a slave?!

Tears running like a rushing river down my cheeks, my outline blurs yet I don't change into anything yet. Before that can happen I feel danny is at my side.

"go to my room,  i guess." danny and i start to manuever through the crowd, making slow progress. danny sighs in frustration realizing, finally, that we would have to push our way through to get through. danny and i push through the crowd and walk to my room. He sets me on my bed gently and makes sure i'm okay. He then leaves so i can have time to think about what just happened.

John's POV

 As i jog toward Joe's office i think, what am i gonna tell him? 'hey, Joe. whats up? by the way there's a camp of people near the base.' No. i arive at his office and knock on the door. i hear a few clangs and Joe saying to come in. I stride in and put on a nonchalant grin saying,

"hey, bud. how are you doing?"i ask, a war of the roses strength of fear going on in my body. He shrugs and says,

de. " you know we need to tell joe, right? do you want to stay here or let me take you to your room and stay there untill john comes and finds us?" he says, gently hugging her. I sniffs but say,

"pretty good. How about you?" i shudder with the strength of my fear. "you ok?" he adds.

"No! im not good!  there is a camp of People near the base." i say. Joe freezes then says calmly,

"not a surprise. we are in a cave you know."

"yes, but they didn't have a fine tint of camouflage skin like we do!" i say bruskly.

"then, here is what we do. you go get your friends and help me get these people out." joseph says in a steady voice, though his eyes show the crippling fear, and something else i couldn't put my finger on, that was raging like a tornado through his body. I nod and say,

"okay. I'm on it." i run from the office and towards bens room. i throw the door open and he is in his room with sarah.

"exactly that's how it works! it grabs on to the foot at first and then explodes like a grenade and wraps around the person. not toxic material of course. we don't want to kill anyone." ben says.

"We don't?" sarah asks, a tinge of disappointment in her voice.

"bigger problems here guys." I say impatiently. They jump and ben asks, putting the trap down  on his bed,

"what's the problem?"

"people who look as we do at the base of the mountain," i say hurriedly "follow me." i dash out and send ben to get dan and i go to find jess. i go to her door and knock ,even though im scared.

No answer.

i open the door and shes not here. I run back to the workout wing and see them there. i rush in and take hold of them both, dan with a firm hold, and jess with a light but still firm hold. Jess pulls on my arm and turns me around asking, "dude, whats up?"

"we're leaving the base. we have to escape and set up somewhere else."i say. Jess and dan laugh but start back running with me. We find Joseph and i ask " where do we go?"


"i dont know!" he yells. i snort in disgust and take dan and jess back to ben and sarah.


"okay. i think we should leave." i say.

“and go where?” sarah asks.

"Florida." i say.

"we'll have to fight to get out of here right?." she asks. i nod." awesome!" she says. we roll our eyes and start towards the entrance of the cavern.


Joseph's POV

"no, you can't be that close dang you!" i say to cameron on the other end of the phone.


"come on, i cant help it steve is nuts. i'm doing as much as i can!" he says desperatly. in the background i can hear the people they sent with him laughing and pushing each other.


"can't help it?! you are important to them. you have your skills perfected. you could listen in on his phone calls being in the same room as him you twit!!" i snarl. I hear a knock on the door of my study and jump, hanging up i say, "come in." John strides in and has a kind of shaky grin on his face.

"hey bud how are you doing?" He says. I manage to shrug and say,

"pretty good. how about you?" then i add, seeing him shiver , " are you ok?"

"no! im not okay there are people near the base!" John says. i freeze.

"not a surprise. we are in a cave you know?"i say, finally breaking the budding tension.

"yes! but they don't have a fine tint of camouflage skin as we do!" he says.

"then here is what we do. you go get your friends and help me herd these people out." i say, wondering at the steadiness of my voice.

"im on it." he says and jogs out of the room. wow, that was close. dang, cameron for being so close! i know he cant help it but still he should have been able to negotiate something. not important right now. right now i have to get them out and into Florida fast. i begin to look up the sunsett inn and book them a room for a few days. then i stand up, walk out my room and begin to help herding the others out. All the time, im thinking of how i can keep the fact that im trying to keep an eye on my brother, and on top of that i have to mask my thoughts from danny.



"duh, mr. obvious. but where to?" sarah says.


"um, colarado?"

"no how about arkansas or tennessee?" ben asks.

"maybe it should be florida..." jess suggests.

"i agree, Florida, it has one way in and three ways out.." i say.

"we'll have to fight to get out of here right?." she asks. i nod." awesome!" she says. "wait why?" danny inquires, cautiously.

"Because, they are at the base and the only way to escape is down."

"okay" he says shrugging". so we start towards the entrance of the cavern, not knowing what awaits us at the end of the day. at the end of the month. at the end of the night, but trusting that we will still be here with jesus backing us.


The End

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