chapter 7

Chapter 7

Johns POV


A bead of sweat works its way down my forehead as I block, kick, and block again. Using the strategy I came into the spar with I jump over her and slip my leg under hers twist and catch her in a headlock while I take a hit from Danny. While my attention is distracted I feel legs going around my neck. Its jess’ legs as she swings them around my neck and flips me down onto my back. “I Surrender.” I say, as I wipe the sweat from my rough beard. She laughs and says in her voice that falls with a cadence like water falling from a water fall,

“looks like tough man can’t take a little lady in a spar.”  I smile and jump up.

“true, yet at least I can plan a decent battle strategy while some of us can just change into an eagle or a lion.” I say teasingly. They smile, roll their eyes, and continue to my rooms.

“let’s just continue and do our devotion huh? Danny asks in a voice that’s just beginning to crack. I nod and we pick up our bibles and sigh. Its almost as if we were cut from a life support tank and just as our rough fingertips brushed our bibles we were reconnected.

“ok, we are going to read in exodus today. We will start, where we left off, in chapter 12.” They say ok, and turn to the chapter. I start reading. “’during the night pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron and said, up! Leave my people, you and the Israelites! Go, worship the lord as you have requested.’” I finish.  “Now, I think that this was crucial in the Israelites freedom from slavery in Egypt. This just shows the lord can do mighty things, if it’s in his plan.” I say.

“I like that. I mean even though it took a lot of plagues, the pharaoh still released them.” Jess said

“that’s awesome. However, lots of people just do what they want when they want. Including me.” He grins sheepishly.

 “I think we all do danny. Lets pray.” I say as they bow their heads. “Lord, we come to you and ask that you give us peace through whatever happens in our life. Help us bring glory to you and Jesus name. also let us be able to do what you want us too and bring about your will in our world and Jesus name Amen.” I smile and ask,” Anyone want to go for a run?”

“You know I’m up for it bud. “jess said laughing. I nod, “and you danny? Feel like running to get some exercise?”

“nah ill hold down the fort.” He says.

“ok, my silly friend. Meet back here in five, okay?” I ask jess.

“okay.” She smiles and runs down to get ready for a run. Putting on some sweat pants and a huge sweat shirt. I smile as I walk to my room and quickly throw on some red and white Nike shorts and a tank top. Then I come back and walk with jess to the entrance/exit of the base. We laugh and push each other playfully. She laughs at me and puts me in a walking headlock as we walk into the beautiful and green forest.

 I push her gently and she trips accidentally and says,

“Oh, you’re dead!” I grin and run away as she chases me I turn and pick us both up and we both fall down laughing. I smile down at her and look at the way the sun shines smoothly on her Carmel brown hair. I frown as I hear a stick snap.

“what was that?” I ask to no-one in particular as I turn my head listening to the sounds of the disturbed forest.

“its probably nothing my cautious friend.” She says smiling. I start to get up and persue it but she pulls me back down and says, “let’s just continue to hang out, ok?” I grin and nod as I tickle her then run and jump over fallen logs. She jokes with me and I with her until we are both layin on the forest floor, watching the green light filter through the leaves toward us, smiles plastered on our faces.

“ok, I think its time we go back in my friend.” I say. She nods and gets up and races me back in. I laugh and follow her back in. “hey, I’m going to hang out in my room for a bit. I’ll meet y’all for dinner. Okay?”

“okay, bud.” She says, waves and walks to go to her own room. I begin the trek to my room and as I do I think about the bible verse we went over in the bible study today. I frown as I think about it. I come to my room and open the door. When I walk to my room I take my bible up and sigh with content. I open it to exodus and start reading. I read the verse we read earlier in context and it makes more sense but I read more and start getting confused.

i got to chapter 20 in numbers and thats where i get stuck.i cant understand how that would happen. isnt there a comandment that tells them not to do exactly that? i think. i stand up and walk out of my room thinking about what i just read and pray to my lord. here is what i say:

lord, i dont understand what i read. but i want to thank you for the bible in the first place so we can learn about you. please help me understand. in jesus name, amen.

i walk towards the exit of the cavern and sit on a boulder that is up a couple of yards above the have i done in implamenting the word of god in my life? how have i done in obeying the ten comandments?i think to myself. i think like this for a while. thinking on religion and why its called that, on people and on the general situation. admiting to myself that im kind-of fearful for what we are inevitably going to face. i sigh and look out into the night, watching the things that go on and unconciously searching the perimeter from where i am. i sense someone coming. i look over my shoulder and see that its jess and danny. "hey guys." i say, waving. they wave back and jess asks,

"you okay bud?" i shrug for an anwser.

"i dont know. just thinking, i guess." i add. Jess nods and says,

"we all do at some point. anything we can help with?"

"not unless you understand how their can be a commandment saying that thou shall not murder, and then in numbers it has the israelites killing a few kingdomes." i say. we stay there sitting and thinking for a while and just relax thinking about it.  "well, maybe the way that that isnt going against the commandments is that God told them too. if they wanted to be faithful they had to obey him." danny says.

"yeah, plus they had to get to the promised land." jes said.

"i dont understand how that could happen though. isn't killing killing?" i say, confused.

"not if God told you too and that you are positive that he does want you too and not just use it as an excuse." danny says.

"okay, well ill have to meditate on it a bit, but what you said about it being in Gods will made sense." i say, gratefull that He told danny that to tell to me.  i hear a stick snap and a few footsteps. then i catch the flight of a bowler hat on the wind. Jess, danny, and i all trade glances. i immediatly start to get up and walk towards the sound. unconciously i know that jess and john are flanking me as i approach the threat. i start to hear indistinct voices. i glance back to danny and jess, a question burning in my eyes.

Jess, tears in her eyes, listens more carefuly. "thats my sister." she whispers. i listen closer shocked but not letting it show on my face.

" The guy who grabbed me is here as well." i say in a monotone, calculating what they might be doing here."we must leave, we have to warn Prof. Joe." I say. Jess and Danny nod and we race back, silent as a mouse, to the cavern.


















The End

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