chapter 6



Chapter six

Camerons POV

I didn't ask for this life. i thought as i sat in the shadows of the weight room keeping my eye on Casey, Catlin and Jess. They were a slippery bunch. once i cornered one i would find out one of the others is on the move. now they were right here so i could make sure they dont do anything against Steve. i scratch at the scar i have on my back, the one shaped like a chameleon turned around and biting its own tail. Ive had it since i could remember..

"hello?!" cate asks, waving her hand infront of my face, effectively pulling me out of my musings.

"hi." i say in a bored voice as i lazily roll my eyes toward her to acknowledge her. i then immerse myself in my musings again.

"don't look away when I'm talking to you." i hear her say. running a hand through my hair i disappear from their sight.

" where did he go?: i hear jenn asking as i delve into thought... back to only a few weeks ago.

********************3 weeks ago***********************

it was sunny, yet i was inside, working on my speed and agility. i ran around the workout room a few times. then i start with the weights slowing down. i start on the bench, screamo music blaring from a stereo. after my fifteenth set of twenty five pounds i set the heavy bar of iron down i felt a hand on my shoulder. normally i would flip the person. the only reason i didn't is because he could beat my butt.

"what do you want, steve?" i ask. he hands me a fat envelope and walks away. " what am i supposed to do with this?" i yell. he stops and says over his shoulder,

" go to the park. open it when no one is looking. the instructions will be in the envelope."

"why are you giving me this?" i ask.

he mutters just loud enough, " because, Cameron, your the best of the black coats."i roll my eyes and think, sure i am. flipping off my music, i walk out of the weight room and the hanger. getting in my cobalt blue ford f-150, i shoot a glance at the envelope. whats in there? i think.i shrug and continue driving to the park. once i get there i emerge from the car still in my white tank top and beige shorts from working out. reaching inside i take my envelope and a book and walk to a bench. A teen around 17 is sitting on the bench.

"This seat taken?" I ask gently.

“nope." she answers in the same whisper smooth voice that somehow twinkles on the way out.

"Thanks." I mutter. I sit and open the Iliad by homer and start reading. Slowly the liquid fire of daylight fades and I look up to see that I and the teen next to me are the only two left. I grin and think back to the envelope I'm squishing behind me.

“Well I have to leave." she says extending a hand for me to pull her up and take her to her car. "Bye" she says sweetly as I open her car door and she gets in closing the door and driving away.

I return to the bench and open the manila envelope. I wonder what could be in it. He said I was the best so I should be able to handle it. What if he wants me to murder someone? I shake my head to clear my thoughts and open the manila envelope quickly, ripping the tab open like a band-aid.

A picture. That was the first thing in the envelope. I look it over carefully. A beautiful 17 year old. Red-brown hair that flowed gracefully down her back, green eyes like the deepest green of the biggest emerald, and white skin. I marvel at the amount of beauty my savior has given her. At the top of the picture it says Caitlyn I turn and set it down carefully making sure it doesn’t blow away. Then I pick up the other two pictures.

The next of the pictures had a girl in it that had honey colored long wavy-hair, blue eyes, and had a beautiful dark honey colored skin. This is Jen.

The following picture has hair of jet black color and brown kind eyes. This is Casey. I smile but when I put the picture down I frown because of the instructions:

Dear Cameron, for your assignment I need you to keep an eye on these people. They are not only hard to calm down and train but also I am thinking of using them as new trainers so that they can help me with my plans. You must follow them. Learn about them. Understand who they are to do this assignment. Most important don’t underestimate them. Don’t let me down.

Your boss,



I come out of my musings as I’m walking down the hall. I head to the mess hall, the only sound in the empty hall is my echoing steps. I open the doors hinged on the smooth, metallic walls that makes me feel as if I’m in a huge metal box. Thousands of people mill about talking to friends. I mechanically go to the food line and get some pepperoni pizza. I then walk to the back and sit with a few friends.

“hey guys... sorry I’m late but ---“ I say.

“it’s cool man.” They say at intervals.

“so, as I was saying, why cant you get that double flip kick bud?” one of my fellow black coats asked someone. Im not really paying attention so I don’t hear the question. The voices I hear fade into the background. I watch the people in the mess hall; the people who are talking and rough housing, the ones training then eating a quick bite, the ones just eating and talking. I wonder how a people so big as this hasn’t found that a place like this is bound to have one light in it. A light in the dark, so to speak.

“Cameron?” one of my friends ask. I turn my head to him with a questioning look in my eyes.

“yeah?” I say.

“dude your way distracted. What gives?” he asks.

“I don’t know. Just not focused I guess. Hey did you hear how steeve got totally bent when he was opposed by the firey red head?” I say changing the subject. He shakes his head as the topic change is succesfull and I proceed to tell him about it. Then I see Caitlyn, jenn, and casey, just as I finish eating. “sorry, guys. Duty calls.” I say getting up and heading towards them.“Hi, jenn, cate, casey.”

“hey…” cate says asking me with her eyes what my name is.

“Cameron “ I offer.

“hi Cameron.” She says as she gets her food and walks away with her friends.

“can I sit with y’all?” I ask, smiling a smooth crooked smile.

“sure.” They say. I grin and pull the chair for them all, making sure they see me do so they wont be surprised.

“thanks.” Cate says.

“you’re welcome.” I say then settle in eating and listening intently to their conversations, yet keeping what I hoped was a impassive face.

Over the weeks I watch, listen and learn about these girls. They are quite fascinating. They think a lot about what I think of but a little. They think a lot about cloths and about steeve –which I noted discreetly-

The End

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