chapter 5



chapter five

Catelyn's POV

"Again!  This time.... no screw up's!" Steve bellowed his face gleaming with a sheet of sweat as his face turns beat red. shut up, jerk. I thought. so, we executed the monotonous drill again: right hook, left hook, uppercut, then i put my knee up so that i kneed the dummies chin. my dirty blond hair swinging, emerald green hard eyes sparkling, i smiled. no one ever notices my improvisation on this weak combat system. well, that is except for Casey.

she smiled slyly and accidentaly laughed.

"you think this is funny, Casey?!"

"n-no, s-sir."case said.

"well, it appears to me that you did when you laughed in my class!" Steve finished the last part in a yell that would make a monk flinch. i steeled myself and said ,as Casey cowered from Steve's wrath,

"yo, retard with the blood pressure problem in the future. come here a sec."

I said steamed, Steve walked toward me. suddenly i knock him on the ground so fast that he is disoriented on the granite floor of the hideout. i put my hands so im strangling him and squeeze  saying, "you do not touch my friend in any antagonistic way you psychotic weirdo. if you do i will personally hunt you down!"

silence. complete silence set in as i hooked my arm through caseys and walked to our quarters. Jenn followed us out and cracked up. once she controlled herself she said, "girl he's going to hurt you for that."

"i would love to see him try." i say, green eyes flashing a pure blue, my hair  a red-brown hair color that rippled in waves as it spun its way down my back.. they smile and i take them to my room. once we get there i turn shut the door and smile like a lion stumbling upon a young gazzele. i kick under Jenns feet. She is ready though and she jumps kicks my middle and puts me in a headlock and puts a steaming hot hand on my back as she flips me. I laugh and counter by wrenching her arms away and picking her up horizontaly and squeeze down with both arms.

"dang girl stop. i surrender." she said.  i shake my head and put her down.

"fine lets do a lil power training huh?" i ask.

"ok, but your mine this time" casey says chuckling.

"Bring it, Casey. I'll kick your prep-school booty!" I said chuckling. This hit a nerve cause before she came here -not willingly, of course- she was a private school kid. Now her parents don't know whether she's dead or alive.

"Oh, you wish!" She said smiling and kicks out and a concussion of wind knocks me down.

"Now it's on!" I say grinning like a sly fox moving silently through the trees. Casey chuckles and kicks at my knees. i catch her foot and kick at her chest making a small hunk of ice hit her gently she stumbles back, grins, and shoves some light into my eyes, blinding me momentarily. then she is suddenly behind me and puts me in a headlock, sideways, and leans down.

someone picks her up, throws Casey and kicks her in the stomach. His speed like that of a cheetah. i turn around, finally able to see a guy with black-brown hair. i couldnt see his eyes because his back was toward me. he had on a black shirt and a faded pair of ripped jeans.

wow, look at the new guy i thought. the guy gets up and leaves. casey gets up and pants, then directs light at me just as i kick ice at her. they colide and destroy eachother, creating a blast. we both fell down from the force of the blast.

"okay, im done. lets watch a movie or something." i say.

"okay." casey says.

"lets go for a walk." jen says. i shrug and we walk out of my room.

"wait a minute. what the heck was that explosion? i mean why did that happen?" jess asked a lil scarred.

"why would we know?" i asked.

"just asking, bud." she said.

"well, for one i think it has to do with that dude that drop kicked me." casey mumbled.

we walked in silence for a little bit.

" maybe it had to do with i was mad." i say.

"maybe steve doesnt want us to train by ourselves. maybe he wants to train us."

I shrug and we go to the gym to work out.






The End

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