chapter 4


chapter four.

Ben's' POV

I scrunch my eyebrows together  as i suddenly feel soggy. then i  realize what happened and spring out of bed glowering at Sarah.

"oh, good. you're awake." she laughs, "anyway we have a lot to do today so meet me and john in the gym ok?"

"fine, but did you have to dump water on me?" i ask going to get a towel knowing she's behind me.

"look, it was the quickest way and besides if you want to fight you have to adapt to situations, make them you're slave, then take it and make the situation a good thing." she says. i laugh and nod . then i start to follow her to the gym\training center.

my room, the furthest room from the gym, is all blue and has two book cases and a bed and TV stand with a TV. just my luck i think as she starts running . i shake my head and run with her. then finally we come to the gym . she walks in, not even out of breath or a hair out of place ,  while i am gasping for air.

she shakes her head and says, " pathetic! how in Gods' glorious and wonderful world do you expect to fight if you don't even run?!" she sighs and thinks for a minute and gets closer with each word till shes in my face, " okay. i guess before you do anything , Ben, we will have to run. every morning . a mile to start. starting today."  i grin and press my lips together to suppress a laugh.

"okay." i say.

"now, before you and me run. i have to knock some sense into john. " she says in a whisper then laughs. "watch. its a good way to learn."


I throw my head back and laugh as john struggles to get up and is banned from practicing blades . Sarah walks over to me and says " OK . now we run ." smiling she leads me out of the school (as we call it but nearly no one else knows its there). then we start running and we get to a bush that is marked as a mile and head back. OK well this isn't bad -i think between gasps of air. "OK. Ben pop quiz. what is the first thing to master if your gonna fight anyone at anytime?" 

"well, first you have to have agility. cause if you don't you will be tired before them . and you lose your head....literally." she smiles and nods.

"okay . good and how do we get this agility? does it just magically appear?"

"nope . we get it by running exercising and when we finally get past agility we study fighting stances and different fights." she chuckles and says,

" yes yes we do." then as we are stopping she says. "OK . tomorrow again one mile. got it?"

"yep . c ya tomorrow. " i smile and start walking towards my room .OK lets see..... what do i need to do.i think as i look around my room. (which is now so cluttered with parts of metal things and rubber things and a note that says:

dear ,Ben

i know you like to tinker with metal and stuff so i got you these materials. if you need more just ask and ill get them for you . anyway i hope this will help you -when the guys get a bit on your nerves ... which will happen sooner or later- to be happy.

love professor Joe.

i smile and start to make some gadgets and do-hickeys absent-minded. i start to make some stick foot traps, rocket shoes. then i start to look up what you have to do to make a sword. what i find so far is :

You need steel ore a forge a anvil and tongs . Then you need a hammer and other tools to temper the blade. You also need a bucket of water to cool the blade.this is a hard process that takes years to master. be warned that if you try this without training you will mess up.

a knock at the door came just as it opened and i rushed to close the screen down. then, smiling , i greet the person "hey bud".

the door opens and john is standin in the doorway. "hey man. what you doing all cooped up in here?"

"not much just tinkering with some new ideas for gadgets and that kind of thing." i say smiling nervously hoping that he wont catch the half-truth. He nods and says,

"no. what were you doing?" he glances at the computer screen and his eyes widen but he asks, "you trying to make us swords or something? that would be cool Ben." he says smiling now.

I smile " yeah but dont tell anyone. i want it to be a surprise."

"okay. well come-on want to shoot hoops with me and Danny?"

"okay . ill be down in a minute." i say smiling.


this goes on. running,working out , and play. for months


The End

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