chapter 3


Chapter 3


John's POV

over the strain of my (mental) connection with my friends i could tell that they just had a fight. I wonder what it was about. I get up, sighing, and i walk to Jess' room. "hey, Jess you OK? um, can i come in?" i ask as i knock on her door. sniffling is my only answer." Jess?" i ask again. no answer. it hurts. i guess Jess doesn't know that i cry when she does. it's like an emotional dagger to my heart. just as i was about to accept that Jess didn't want comfort she said,

" come in john. " the sadness in her voice was as clear as  a bell tone. i smile at those words and open the door of her room. her room was girlie, but at the same time not. she had shades of red but also green in her room . because of that you could tell she was kinda a tom boy.

"hey,john." Jess said softly as she whipped her eyes and smiled at me. her eyes , blood-shot, but still such a pretty green. her hair disheveled .... and i swear I've never seen her prettier. without a word i cross the room to her and hug her. i don't know how long we sat like that, hugging each other, but in that time Jess told me what happened with her talk with Danny." you know, i agree with you. we should have fun not be serious stiffs all the time." 

"thank you, thats what i said." jess said and smiled at me warmly.

"its OK Jess, I'll talk to Dan." i say and rest a hand on hers.

"thanks bud." she said and gently caressed my thumb with hers. " so .... what do you want to do?" she asked . i grin as an idea surfaces .

"come on , i have an idea." i say and grin crookedly. i grab her hand ignoring the burning feeling she had on me, and ran with her to Danny's room. Jess didn't say anything until we got to Dannie's room . then she said,

" no, john. we .... i can't , not after today." she said frozen at the door completely mortified.

"Jess, come on . i got a plan. trust me this will be fun." i say looking in those beautiful and vast green eyes almost loosing myself in them . she was scared i could tell, but when she met my eyes she steeled herself and nodded . then she opened the door.

"Dan, come on . we are going outside." i say as we walk into his apartment like living quarters. he looks up from his ever-present-notebook and grinned as he stood up closing his notebook and stands up.

"why are we going outside? and what is she doing here?" he asks. immediately i get in his face and glare at him

"firstly to spar through our anger, and secondly you will NEVER speak that way to her again got it?" i tell him then turn and walk back out of his room with Jess. we hear footsteps behind us and i grin and look slyly at him. :man, you got to admit . you over reacted. i mean seriously what made you think we wouldn't focus on training?"

"well, for one y'all flirting like crazy." he mumbled.

" yes , we have been flirting. stop being so rigid man. this stuff happens, " i turn to Jess "not that I'm saying your stuff or bad or anything Jess." i turn back to Dan. " why try to be serious every minute? i , for one , am not gonna live life in fear." i said to him as we arrived outside deep in the forest, having picked our favorite swords from the sparring room. Danny chuckles and says,

" yeah, i know. i bugged out OK?" he asks grinning and shifting into a ready stance.

" alright." i said grinning. suddenly we hear laughing. i look up and straighten looking for the source of that beautiful laugh . i smile as i see its Jess and shes doubled over laughing. Danny and i tickled her and asked " whats funny?" she gasped

"your stances." and collapsed laughing. i frowned.

"whats wrong with our stances?" i asked. she sighed and motioned for me to get into my ready stance . she snickered and said right next to my ear,

" okay, that's your first mistake." Jess laughed again.

"whats wrong with it?" i ask. however, before she can reply there is a rustle in a couple of nearby ferns.

"its probably nothing. a squirrel." Jess said grinning . she walked forward slowly and is suddenly behind me with her arms wrapped around me .  Jess grins again and whispers in my ear.

"feet shoulder length apart . firm but loose  hold on the blade. that's good stance." she said this near my ear making me smile at her closeness and her showing me from behind me . i could feel the subtle heat of her breath and our bodies slightly pressed together. i breath and smile reluctantly moving away. "now, who is my first victim?" i ask lightly. they grin but i am answered by a new voice.

"the better question , my dear handsome stranger, is who will be MY first victim?" the feminine voice said, emerging from the woods was a pretty, red-headed, gray eyed girl .

Jess narrowed her eyes at her and said," first off , you are going down as MY victim and secondly how dare you mess with us? you don't have any idea what you are dealing with. " i saw anger and jealousy flash in her eyes. i chuckled but covered it with a cough. the corners of Jess' mouth twitched but so did her hair. she turned and the girl sliced with her sword at her knee. her blade was deflected with mine. i tackled her after i deflected her strike and growled

" you touch her and you will find yourself cozy with Satan. whats your name anyway?"

"Sarah. yours?" she asked grinning.

"john. why did you attack us?" i ask grinning at her and looking in her Grey eyes. ignoring me she looked behind her and said,

"hey Ben. get your genius toshie out here. " she giggled . a tall black haired, mossy eyed guy stepped from the foliage.

"hey, what's up?" he asked smiling.

" not much bud. here follow us." i say smiling and start walking back to the school. i wonder what there story is. well, one thing I'm sure of is they should help us defeat Steve's army. "so, whats your story?" i ask Sarah and Ben.

"its a little complicated." they say at the same time and them bust up laughing. i chuckle and say,

"it cant be that complicated."i said. they shrug and tell me their story while i walk them to prof Joe's office. i knock and he says,

"come in. hey guys. I'm glad you're here.... who are they?" he asks as he sees Sarah and Ben once we enter the room.

"we found them in the woods. they are probably enhanced too if you know what i mean." i say raising an eyebrow .he looked concerned and deep in thought . after a couple minutes a broad grin spread across his face.

"awesome.... OK,cool. um. yeah. how about you give them a tour. ill get them rooms and after that," he leans forward and grins bigger,"test their skills."

i laugh and take Sarah and Ben through the tour. when we get to the sparring room Jess,Danny,and i get our weapons and then i say.

" OK watch.  this is how we will test your skills we will test your aptitude with weapons: metal and power-wise." i say.  Jess,standing behind me, slices at my knee with her sword. i jump over it then i slice at her stomach. she blocks and slices at my neck. i wink at her and block it. then i slice at her ankle and smile. she laughs,winks back, and jumps landing on my shoulders with her feet and places her sword on my forehead.

"dead" she said sweetly but with mischievousness in her eyes. i chuckle and say,

"so, that's how you are gonna be tested, Sarah." she grins and walks over to the sword rack,takes one  two-handed sword . then she faces us.

" OK, here is how it works. i fight y'all one at a time. then i  will teach you how to fight.: she says and slinks forward with the expression of a  panther. i chuckle and say,

"looks like we have a feisty one here. OK .... sure, um who's first?" then i break out laughing. Jess and Danny join in. after we calmed down no one volunteers so i say."fine. ill spar with her. only one gall can beat me and that's Jess." i say grinning.  she shakes shakes her head then gets in a good stance. i take my sword and gets into my stance. she giggles then jabs her sword in a zigzagged pattern. it was hard to see her sword but i blocked it. i blocked it and as i did a pure white and green glow pervaded the room. i raised my arm against the light and she taps my arm. i turn to see her blade at my neck.

"dead." she said inspecting her nails.. i laugh then say,

"wait. you cheated!" i exclaim.

"first off. don't be a baby. secondly . i used only my powers and thirdly i beat u fair and square." i sigh and say,

"fine,"under my breath. it continues on like that till Danny spars with her. he trips and falls face first onto her. then a blast of green makes Danny fly up and land in sarahs arms.

"he...i...guys i swear i didn't mean too. uh... let's take him to the hospital." she says . we are taking him to the hospital and all i am thinking is : she seems genuinely sorry. when we got there the doctor said,

"whoever injured him is the only one capable to heal him. we learned this after a quick exam." Sarah walked over to him and waved her hands over him to get the poison out. in a half-hour he was back to his nerdy self. "hey, bud. looks like you got beat up by a strong, awesomely skilled girl." i laugh. he chucks a pillow at me and i dodge it and laugh." OK,OK. sorry. anyway I've been thinking and it appears that Ben hasn't been tested yet." i say smiling.

"um.. OK, i don't have a power other then making gadgets." Ben suddenly says. everyone grins and i say.

" well, thats perfectly fine." he looks taken aback. then happiness sparks like a wildfire in his eyes. he smiles and says,

"OK,cool, um, i do however, want to learn how to sword fight."

" OK. deal, but we'll work on that later. however, i need a cool-off time. I'm gonna go write in my journal." i say with a voice that slurs with exhaustion. we all agree and go to our separate hangout areas. i wish i could just hang with jess but she probably doesn't want to hang with me. oh,well. she'll come around.

forgoing my journal i sit on my bed, staring blankly at my wall. gripping my hair i groan and lie back on my bed. as i was lost in the endless stream of thoughts, jess walked in with a worried expression on her face. her eyes sparkle with unshed tears as she sits on the bed. all of this i don't see by the way i only sense it.  once the bed dips i sit up and look over then down.

" hey jess. whats up?" i ask and try to smile. she sees , however through my mask of control and hugs me. she smiles as i hug her back. then she asks,

"oh,john. whats troubled you my friend?" i laugh that has no mirth or humor in it.

"me?! bah, nothings wrong. thanks for asking though. you didn't  answer my question jess. how are you?" i reply quickly changing topic. she laughs, and i swear time stopped, then says,

"hey,everybody, here is macho man john trying to keep all his feelings inside." she laughs  again but stops when she sees that I'm looking at her sadly. "ya, don't have to keep your felling locked up with me john. consider me your confidant." she barely whispers. i take her hands and gently say, before the wave of feelings and mental images get to me, "there is something wrong, but i will try to deal with it myself then i promise i will come to you if i cant. listen, i really appreciate you coming after me to talk to me." i smile ,my hands still holding her hands, but inside my heart breaks with guilt as i lie. i break hand-contact before she can tell though. jess' eyes sparkle with knowing and unconcealed worry as she nods and says softly,

" i will be flying near Grayson hill if you need me, OK?" i nod, then say,

"cool, I'll be training." then i smile at her. " now, go flying. have fun." she giggles and nods before dissapearing. as i walk to the training center. i hear jess talking heatedly with Danny. i sigh quietly and stop to listen in.

"ugh,dude. just let me do as i see fit. why don't you? I'm a big girl:

"why,yes. yes you are." i say chuckling."okay. whats going on?: i ask . they huf and Danny says,

"she cant focus. shes gonna get us killed.: at the same time that jess said, "i just want to fly. and he is blocking my way". i sigh and message the bridge of my nose.

"OK." i say, " you guys both have valid points. jess needs to relax though Danny. and jess has been focusing you just don't see it." i smile. "now, can we just forget about this?:

"yeah" they both say grudgingly .then laughs their heads off. jess and Danny go their own ways and i walk to the training center. i walk in, grab my sword and train for thirty minutes. i do the same with other blades till i think i have sufficiently mastered them. i hear laughter. after looking around, and not finding the source, i get knocked off my feet. i see the gray-green eyed red-head. Sarah.

"how dare you call that flipping of swords weaponry? how dare you call that mastery? i ought to show you what real mastery is." her eyes flash with anger as she paces mumbling .

"then show me why don't you? if i am such an amateur. show me." i yell challengingly;. she laughs and walks towards me with a gate that can only be called predatory.

"you think you have what it takes to learn from me? you think you can do," she takes out her blade and weaves a web of steel  with it in one graceful move. "that and make it look EFFORTLESS? no. you don't deserve my tutelage." she spat between clenched teeth.

Sarah gets up and makes to leave.

"fine. leave me unaware . know though that it might get us killed." i say and slice at her ankle. she jumps and slices at my head. i barely have time to duck. i kick at her knee, making my sword follow, then spike up to her neck. she narrowly dodges and says grudgingly,

"fine ill teach you . but don't expect me to go easy on you because your cute." then she left. i chuckle and shake my head, then start walking to my room. once there i turn on the TV and just chill.

i guess i fell asleep because when i wake up i find the time to be 5'o'clock pm flashing on my alarm clock.

The End

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