chapter 2




Chapter 2.

Johns POV


"OK guys come on seriously ? I mean really why do u have to be all cuddly?" Danny asks. Jess blushes and gets up . Then she strides out quickly mumbling .

" I was only checking on him dang Danny."

"OK, man that wasn't cool . Really , Its not her fault." I say sympathetically and look in her eyes before she leaves ."whats up anyway man?" I ask . He looks at me and a whirlpool of anger in his blue-green eyes.

"what's up?whats up? you have the NERVE to ask whats up? then tell me why I've been getting these none-to-descent thoughts about Jess huh? " he fumes and his eyes redden not because of tears of joy or anger either

I sigh as i realize what he's ticked about."man you should already know i like her from what i said to her at first i met her when you were there." I say trying to calm him down. He gets more angry so i think. OK, man I'm sorry its just ..... i don't know its like shes my perfect piece  when I'm around her you know?

He sighs and says " OK i know man , however, you need to keep your priorities straight."

I stand up so i tower over him and look down at him with fury in my eyes. "i do have my priorities straight . my crush on Jess won't mess up the training we need to go through so that we can win against Steve's' army" i say in a powerful voice feeling as well as seeing his fear of me and he starts to calm down.

"OK ,fine" he says and stalks out of my small room.



"How dare he? I mean seriously where does he get off telling us this. It isn't like we don't already know that . Ugh!!!!!" Jess screams when I tell her what happened. I stand up and hug her. Then I pull back and say: " I know that was bad of him ,however, he's just trying to think strategically like me. I also know that we should go train soon." I smile at her as I finish talking and shes smiling too. Happiness starting to slowly seep into her as the anger leaks out. " There we go . Now that we are both calm lets go train." I say excitedly.

Then I stand up and put a hand down to Jess. " Lets go spar . Swords or fists?" I ask

"You have to ask? Ha! Swords all the way i mean seriously ." Jess says smiling

i chuckle and send a happy feeling to Jess through our hands . she looks at me and smiles bigger when i see a mischievous gleam in her eyes. then she darts off towards the gym . i race after her smiling and laughing all the way there. "OK ,OK, ....." i say gasping "i need to catch my breath." she laughs and says

"weenie. ha ha."

 "OK, so lets get started ." i say and pick up a sword that is a hand-and-a-half hilt and good sized blade of tempered steel.

"OK" Jess said and picked up a good sword herself however hers seemed to portray more of her lithe and powerful personality . i guard my blade with wooden guards I've made and do the same to hers' .i hand her sword back to her and not a second after she took it she started swinging at my ankles. i jumped over her blade and places my sword on her hilt and thrusts my sword down making her sword clatter on the floor. "hm, that looks like i won that time ." i say and smile winking at her.

"Ha! really? you think so don't you ?" Jess says with a sly smile on her face and winks back at me. Jess trips me ,then she takes my arms and spins me then throws me her hands leaving claw marks on my arms . i laugh and spar with her each of us doing more and more complicated stances with our swords and i relished the flirt feeling in the air. it felt happy but at the same time loving. thats the only way i can describe it.

"hey guys, what you up to?" Danny says, coming in with a blue Slurpee in his hand looking down as he drinks it. " Jess, mind if i have a word?" he asks looking up and quickly adds. " once you done here that is." Danny glares at me and i blush and continue my spar with Jess. she quickly sweeps my legs and puts the point of her sword at my neck smiling and a glint of love sparkling in her eyes. 

Jess leaned down and whispered in my ear, " that was fun john , however we need more practice . this time where no one will ..... interrupt our practice . " then she kissed my cheek , got up and walked toward Danny. " OK , lets talk." she says and follows him out of the room.


Jess POV

I walked with Danny towards his room. he was wringing his hands nervously. wow, he's really nervous. i wonder what he wants to talk to me about. i wish he hadn't pulled me from sparring with john though. i smile at the thought of john and bite my lip gently wishing i was near him again. "THAT'S JUST IT Jessica. you can not stop thinking about him. it is constant. we need to concentrate on training. we don't need to focus on trivial things like the opposite gender, Jess." Danny said as he spun on me and he was in my face by the time he was done.

my hair rose with my anger. i bite my tongue and try to sound calm as i say: " Danny, chill. i know we need to train but why not have fun while we train? also what i worry about isn't your business. and another thing. do u honestly think you're helping by drinking huge fountain drinks? back off of me and MAYBE i will listen, but for now just calm down!" when i finished a was almost screaming.

" OK, jess i am just trying to tell you. if you keep focusing on frivolous things-"Danny was cut off by me.

"I WILL BE FINE! now, leave so i can have some peace and quiet." i say . Danny gets in his room and slams the door. i tear up and yell "UGH!!!!!" i then leave and walk towards my room crying.


 Sarah's POV

Dark, depressing this is the state of my life right now. hi, my name is sara and I am 16 years old. you might be wondering how i got here. i am too it happened so fast.

*** flashback!***

it all started when i was ten. i was homeless so i didn't get to go to school. what happened though was this: i was sleeping at some random corner of the block and i heard noises. a sudden cacophony of slams, dull thunk, and screams.

naturally, i go to see what happened. turns out it was a massive meteor that fell. a huge green aura surrounded it. at the time i didn't know it was radio active , so i went forward to touch the meteor. i got to the crater that the meteor made, then i broke a piece off. it felt really warm. i walked back to the corner and cried myself to sleep like normal and lay my head on the piece of meteor as a pillow. ( small bit better than mud i thought)

______________________next day_______________________________________________

i woke up and found people yelling at me. " what are you doing with that under your head? it is dangerous. now, i have to take you to the lab. " the man in a Grey coat said with a regretful look on his face.

i open my eyes and my face was burning from shame and anger. i got up and punched the guy and got swarmed,  thrown in the van they had and knocked out. when i woke up next, and ever since, i didn't know where or what time it was. i only knew at a certain time i was dragged out of my cell,  taken to a room that is square, no windows, white, and filled with weapons.

every day i was made to practice. day in and day out, barely stopping for food. they barely gave me help surviving . they educated me and trained me. they were experimenting on me when i escaped. i only made it two years. i met Ben and a guy named prof Joe. but an accident happened. i blacked out and woke up here ..... again. apparently though the experiments made me contagious. they captured us all and now i have to get us out.

--------------------------------------------------end of flash back-----------------------------------------------

that is what landed me in chains, my 5' 8" body stretched out, and my feet secured. i am strong because of the experimental physical training. now that i have mastered every weapon they have here I'm getting bored.

maybe i can make a run for it next time they take me out, i think and shudder . i test my muscles and the stone cracks a bit. since i am 16 now, i have longer red hair and sparkling blue,green,Grey eyes and the normal curves. i clench my fists to get ready. then the door opens and a  guy comes in, a white lab coat hanging on his frame with a brown shirt under it and black pants."hello , Sarah. ready to practice?" he asks, his eyes the color of lightning and his hair the color of frost. i mumble something along the lines of


"sorry, didn't catch that . please repeat." steve (lab coat dude) says. suddenly i tense every muscle in me and surge forward. adrenaline floods my body as i swing my brick mace' to the head of everyone there. i stand there for a minute shocked that it worked. i think it worked because of my speed (also experiment gained.)  then i bend over Dr. steeve and say again.

"back off old man."

i run towards my friends cell, being an experiment i know  where they were since i got out a lot. when I'm running i spot a backpack and stuff a lot of swords,daggers,steel rods,etc. into the bag ." hey, bud. how ya doing?" i ask once i get to Ben's cell.

"good. I've set the rest of them free." he said, running a nervous hand through his black hair, greenish eyes sparkling. see, we had a plan, butt kick our way free and free the others." cool,lets go." i say as we run to the main part of the lab and out the doors, defeating scientists along the way.

Ben's POV

"hey, dad I'm going to go jog, OK?" i ask as i pull on my running shoes.

" OK, son just be back around noon." he said. it was a Saturday morning and i needed to get some fresh air. my mom had died a few years ago and it's only been me and him since then. i walked out of our boring bricked apartment building and started jogging around the neighborhood. i was turning a corner still thinking of how i was going to help my dad be happy when suddenly a cute redhead barrels into me ( not that im complaining).  i stumble then stand still as a statue . my sleek black hair shining in the sun and warmth of the day. my mossy eye's shone as i look at the red head who had run into me. she had red hair -obviously- a heart-shaped face, and a sleek almost catlike femininity. she was standing near me, but backing away slowly.

" sorry," she says to me."i didn't mean to do that. sorry."she started to walk away, but i grabbed her fabric covered arm  and stopped her in her tracks.

" wait" i told her, pulling her back to me, her hands landed with a thwack on my chest and she looked away blushing. " who are you?" i asked her and she pulled her red hair behind her ear and murmured quietly

"my names Sarah. what is yours? "

"my name is Ben. why were you running without looking? i asked her . her blue,green, Grey eyes almost enchanting me, flashed with anger then panic . she looked behind her and said quickly stumbling through her reply " come on ill tell u on the way." she pushed me to start us running. as we ran she told me she had just escaped from a lab that did experiments on her , and how at ten she picked up a rock that would turn out to be radio active. "hey, I'll try and help you escape , OK?" i ask.

"well you kinda have to now that you have run with me they wont settle for just me they will come after you too. " she said gravely. then we start running flat out . some guys in whit lab coats run after us . i throw one of my stickfoot traps and they slow down, but in  a second they're gaining on us again.Sarahh smiles and says " well well well looks like buff boy knows how to play the game huh?" she tells me shes been on the run for two years never staying one place too long.

"how did you manage that?" i ask still blushing from the " buff " comment.

"when you're desperate you learn how to survive and ditch these yahoos. " she said laughing a mirthless laugh. i could tell she didn't want to talk about it. "so, i didn't know i had run into a gadget builder. how did you learn to do that?" i frowned and said briefly

"i learned after my mom died." we ran in silence for awhile, weaving through the city alleys. we weren't fast enough though because they caught us and took us to the lab. it was reces when we arrived so all the 'lap rats' were out in the yard looking grave and young.

we walked through the yard and it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. i prayed we wouldn't get hurt . finally we reached the lab itself. a scientist directed us to our "cells". along the way he guided us through what looked like hell on earth.

The End

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